It’s a beautiful experience for couples to be able to connect to the point of being bare with each other without being ashamed. Without feeling insecure about looks and body parts. This connection or even disconnect is often first from the mind. It’s very human to feel so conscious about what we consider imperfect in our body and it’s also possible to embrace one’s ‘flaws’ completely because in reality, what you may consider as a flaw may be a unique feature that your spouse admires.

When you don’t feel comfortable with how you look, even when you decide to go on a journey of either losing weight or gaining weight for instance, you will often imagine that your best self is the goal body you are aspiring to achieve and until then, you won’t appreciate the way you look. This then translates to your relationship with your spouse. For you, sex can only be enjoyed when the lights are out. You cringe when you are touched on your love handles and you counter positive remarks when your spouse compliments you. You will be surprised how your inability to stay naked comfortably with your spouse affects other areas of your lives together.

It’s your spouse. If you are not vulnerable with your partner, who else can you be unashamed with? So, own it. Own your strengths and imperfections, understand that you are just perfect the way you and in trying to work on yourself, it doesn’t mean where you are now is horrible especially if it doesn’t affect your health. Yes, it is very okay to exercise and eat a healthy diet to achieve the kind of look you want but understand that you are just beautiful the way you are.

And if you are the one whose spouse is struggling with insecurities about how they look, your words and actions can help them be unashamed and this would definitely go a long way towards enhancing the intimacy that you share.
In my head, “Naked and Unashamed” is two bodies as one, intertwined first both in the soul and mind, deep, passionate about each other that they cannot see anything that needs to be altered. It’s love, deep and selfless, embracing all the beauty there is, within. Knowing that nothing; burns, a broken limb, a scar, nothing can taint the beauty that I see through the lens of love, because remember, love covers all things; so there’s nothing to be ashamed of.


Juliet Ambali had her first and second degree in English language because of her passion for writing but then she is more passionate about living life intentionally and she loves everything marriage related and believes the home front needs the right amount of attention for a better nation. She is the wife to a blessed man who has been a huge support system and a mother to an adorable daughter.