Everyone desires to have good and godly children who would give them no troubles. We want well behaved kids, who do just as we want them to. This is a good desire, but getting the result might be a little difficult considering the times we live in. Good news! We have a good partner who can help us raise the kind of children we desire.

First things first, you’re merely an earthly guardian of that child in your custody. The real owner of that child who knows the in and out of the child, who know the number of hairs on his heads, and the amount of thoughts in his heart is God. He, in His good benevolence has given you that child, so what makes you think you can handle that child adequately without involving the Father of the child.

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Secondly, we humans are so limited, we do not see beyond what our eyes can see. There is One who sees the inside and outside of man, and it is only that One who can let you in on what is going in on the inside of your child.

Let’s see some ways you can partner with the Holy Spirit to raise goodly and godly children in godless environment.

The Holy Spirit who convicts sinners makes the salvation of the child easier.

The Holy Spirit is a worthy guide on how to discipline your child adequately.

There are knotty question your child will ask that your head knowledge will not be able to answer sufficiently. The Holy Spirit is the master teacher.

There are some secrets that your children may want to hide from you. The Holy Spirit is the chief revealer.

There are crossroads the child will get to. The Holy Spirit is the perfect compass.

There are storms the child will face. The Holy Spirit brings perfect peace.

With all these and more, why won’t you partner with the Holy Spirit to help you raise that godly child you so desire?