Good afternoon, beautiful ladies! I’m so excited, super elated and, give me a word to use, to be in your midst today. A big thank you to my big mummy who has brought me here today to minister on the topic, “My Mess; A Message.” I’m sure you ladies are all geared up to take down notes, receive rhema and pray prayers. Not to disappoint you ladies, I won’t be giving a message, rather I’ll tell you a story. A very personal story. An experience of someone I know. A story that has by God’s grace changed many destinies and will still change many more. I’ll tell you a story that was once bitter, but now it’s so sweet to tell because of how God has turned it to be.

“So, are you ready for the bitter-sweet story?”

In a chorus. “Ride on ma’am!”

The Story

It happened that Tola was in her final year. She was studying accounting in the prestigious University of Lagos. She was 21 years of age, not to tall, light skin, a perfect figure crowned with a beautiful smile. She was a member of the prayer band in her campus fellowship and she was very vibrant for the Lord. Her watchword was always ‘purity and power.’ She could not condone sin, particularly the immorality that was prevalent on campus. She preached vehemently against it, and her constant purity earned her the name ‘Miss Purity, the only pure one.” The different names from her peers did not move her or make her change her stand. It only made her more dedicated to her message.

She was in a marriage bound relationship with Bode. Bode was the prayer band leader. A perfect duo, right? He was lanky and he could pass for Mr. Ebony if he takes part in a pageant. Bode and Tola were a perfect match. A couple made from heaven, joined by God himself and witnessed by the Holy Angels. They were the envy of many other members of the fellowship. Their relationship did not go unchallenged because there were many brothers who wanted Tola, the fiery sister for themselves and many ladies who wanted Bode, the prayo as their own item.

Bode and Tola maintained their relationship, and the purity that characterised their union. Both of them were in their final year, so, they had barely six months left in school before they left the campus community.

Two years after graduation, they started preparations to legally become one. During one of Bode’s normal visit, the devil was present.

There had been power outage in Tola’s area for almost a week, so, she had to tidy up the fridge, clearing out the food items that had spoilt. The heat was not favourable, so, she helped herself with a light, scanty top and a free skirt. Being the only one at home at that time, she had no bra on.

While cleaning, she heard a knock on the door. Throwing caution to the wind, not minding that she was not well clothed, she rushed for the door. Opening the door and realising her state, she fled to her room, while Bode waited for her in the living room. The image he had seen registered in his memory, and kept flashing in his face while they were discussing.

He sensed there was a problem and he had a strong feeling in his spirit that he should leave, but he believed in himself, assuring himself that everything was under control. Bode was not the only one in the field of imagination as Tola was not spared either. She kept pondering why she fled like that. At least, it was her fiancé that was at the door, and not a total stranger. She had to start getting used to being like that before him. Her body was present at the discussion, but her heart and mind were already in the future, her married life playing before her.

You remember that scripture that says again if two lie together, then they have heat? You also remember that passage that says flee every appearance of evil? In their own case, they remembered only the former, but the latter had gone on a journey. Being the only two in the house at that time, the proximity between them brought about a radiation which led to a spark and a complete conflagration that consumed them. The deed had been done, and a moment of hot tears followed. It was too late to undo what had been done, and regret and shame filled the air. That was the devil’s spray of victory.


Episode 2 comes up next.