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Which ear will hear this and believe it was the devil that caused it? Who could they tell that will not mock and shame them? Were they even confident to confess the shameful deed? Since the sin was against God and themselves, they both decided to confess to God and pretend as though nothing happened. This could have been the end, but there was a surprise too big for them to handle.

You can’t sow a seed expecting it not to germinate. Why did you sow it at first? A month later, the seed that had been sown had germinated. Tola was pregnant. When she heard the news, her heart seized for a while, but she had to bring it back to life because she was not the only one involved. At least, it takes two to tango. As soon as she got to the privacy of her room, she called Bode.

“Hello, Bode,” she said as soon as he picked the call. “See, there is fire on the mountain and I will not beat around the bush. I’m pregnant.”

“Eerm… what did you say again?”

“I said I’m pregnant. Stop acting deaf and be serious.”

“You must be joking, right? I know you’re just trying to pull my legs.”

“Bode, I’m serious. You should know when I’m joking and when I’m serious. At least you know what we did a month ago.”

“Hmm. So it is that one time mistake that resulted into pregnancy. Are you sure you’re not trying to rope me into something I wasn’t part of because of our mistake? At least, I did not meet you a virgin when we did what we did.”

“Ha! Bode! How can you say such a thing. But you should know me now.” Sobbing. “At least I told you that my hymen was broken not as a result of any sexual activity but because of a fall I experienced while I was splitting. What is this rubbish that is now coming forth from your mouth. So you’re like this and you’ve been saying you love me.”

“Keep all those story for another day. The thing on your mind should be the way forward. At least you’re the one carrying the thing and the shame will be on you.”

“Ha! Bode you’re a bastard.”

“Like the thing growing in you.”

That was the end of their conversation. Fresh tears stung her eyes. She could not believe that was the same man who was worshipping the ground she walked on. He could kiss her feet if she asked him to. How could things have gone so sour because of a mistake gone wrong. Two weeks passed before she decided to see Bode physically.

“Hope I met you well?” She said, as soon as she stormed into his house. He looked so calm like nothing was going on, while I was here almost running mad.

“To what do I owe this visit, young lady?” He said, spite betraying his tone.

“I’m sure you know as much as I know that there is an unresolved issue between us, and you can’t keep mum like nothing has gone wrong.” I said trying to suppress the rage boiling in me.

“Hold your peace, lady. There is no need to keep journeying in a circle. We’ll opt for abortion, and if you don’t want that, know that the thing that will bring shame to you and your family does not have a father anywhere.” His words were a bombshell. I barely tried to maintain my sanity.

“Ha! Prayo! So, you’re the devil’s incarnate. In fact, you’re the devil himself. The devil that brought about this mess, and the same devil that wants to end my life here and in eternity.”

“I agree to the names you’ve called me, but-”

“Just shut up. I regret the day I met you. I regret the day I allowed you a home in my heart, I regret the day I-”

“The feeling is mutual, my dear. Please leave my house.”

That was the last time she heard from him. The shame was too much for Tola to bear. She summoned courage to inform her parents and her pastor. As against her initial fear of mockery and scorn, they scolded her in love and promised to stand by her all through the period of the pregnancy. She retraced her steps with God, and in His merciful ways, she received pardon. She would have loved to stay but she needed a change of environment.

She settled in Abeokuta, Ogun State with her uncle. Life was not easy as she tried picking up the pieces of her life. As her pregnancy grew, she had to secure a job that she would use to take care of her unborn child. She did not want to be a burden to the family she was staying with. Her uncle fixed her up in a friend’s company.

Life returned to normalcy except the evidence of the mistake she made. Months rolled by and like in a twinkle of an eye, nine months was over and she was delivered of a set of twins- a boy and a girl. She did not know how to react to the news, either to be happy or sad. At this point, she had regained her walk with God, so she chose to draw her strength from God each waking day. To her surprise, she received help from East, West, North and South. Her mum travelled from Lagos to help her in Abeokuta.


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