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Bode continued with life like he had no past. He did not bother to look for Tola since he heard she had relocated. He changed ladies like he changed clothes. He practically lost his way back to God because of the new lifestyle he picked up.

Six years down the line, he settled down with a lady he had met at a popular club house in the heart of Lagos. Their wedding was the talk of the town as they painted the city red. Things seemed to be going on fine with him. He was promoted at his place of work which meant a fatter pay. The couple were an enviable duo. Bode had a special likeness for Tinu, his wife, probably because she satisfied him in a way no other woman had. Everything was fine with them, except one thing. They had no child.

Tinu had always been a club girl right from her days in the university. She was the life of the party and every club knew her name. Sex and abortion were not things new to her. As soon as the sign of a baby was there, she knew how to flush it off. She had done more than ten abortions before she met with Bode. Her meeting with Bode put an end to all her frivolous lifestyle. She was tired of the life she was living when she met Bode. All she wanted was a man whose last name she could take up and a male figure to call a husband.

Bode had gone to the club that night to cool off the stress of the day. Coming into the club all tired, Tinu spotted him and made herself available. She was a perfect company for him at that time. Before the night woke up, Tinu and Bode had had a nice time between the sheets. That was the determinant for him. They exchanged contact at the wake of dawn and established a formal relationship. Two months down the line, they got married.

Bode was not aware of Tinu’s past and their childlessness was taking a toll on him. His mother was not helping matters as she kept singing she needed to back her grandchild before she kissed the dust. Bode tried to convince Tinu to undergo several test to know where the problem was, but they were all smothered with the extinguisher of excuses. Bode could not take it again and he deviced a plan to get her to do the test.

Bode had arrived home on Saturday morning because of a fight he had with Tinu the previous day. He brought wine and some flowers he used to appease her. She was appeased and they entered merry mode. Twenty minutes later, Tinu was asleep. Bode had put a sleeping pill in her drink so he could take her to the hospital. The necessary tests were carried out and the truth was unveiled.

That marked the end of their union and they parted on a bitter note. Bode came back to his senses and remembered Tola had something he badly needed. He made a mental note to find her no matter where she was on the face of the earth.

He began an investigation to find her and after about two years of investigation, he found out where she lived in Abeokuta. He located the address but was told that she had moved out already. He remained in Abeokuta, hopeful he was going to find her some day. Luck seemed to shine on him as he ran into her at a supermarket on a Saturday morning. He was not sure if she was the one or not, but he tried his luck.

“Tola,” he called out. Tongue in cheek.

Tola was surprised to hear her name that was not known to members of the community. She recognised the voice, but she shook off the thought that came to her mind. It can’t be. He is not the one. She thought to herself. Sure that what she heard was a mistake, she continued with her shopping.

Bode tried again. At this time, he was too sure she was the one but he did not want to be too forward. “Tola.” He called again.
Looking back, Tola pointed out the person that called her. Are initial instinct was to walk out of the supermarket, but she thought against it.

Walking briskly towards her, he fell on his knees as soon as he was close to her. “Tola, I’m sorry for the pain I caused you. I’m sorry. I agree I was foolish.”

Bode brought back bitter memories, and water formed in Tola’s eyes. She controlled herself lest it flowed like a stream. “Bode, please stand up. You’re embarrassing me. Let’s talk about whatever you want to talk about outside.”

“Tola, I beg you with God’s name, please forgive me of my past foolishness. Please.”

“Bode, I’ve forgiven you, but it is difficult to forget what you did to me.”

“I know, but I’m sorry. I need a favour from you. A huge favour,”

“What could that be?”

“Our child.”

“You must be kidding, right? What child?”

“Our child that we had about eight years ago.”

“Bode! You joke. That child you are talking about has no father, remember?”

“Tola, please. Life has been rough for me since that time. The wife I married could not give me a child because she had no womb due to several abortions. I did not know this, else, I wouldn’t have married her. Tola, please. Even if I can’t have you back into my life, at least let me have the child. My mother is on my neck.”

“Bode! Just hear yourself. No! put yourself in my shoes and listen to the rubbish you’re saying. Well, you were just a sperm donor then, the child has no father in you. In fact, let me inform you that I had twins, and glory be to God, they now have a father in another man.”

“Ha! Tola, ple-”

“Bode, there is nothing you want to say that will convince me. All I will tell you is that you retrace your steps back to God and he’ll fix you up. I have to get going. My kids and husband are waiting for me at home. I’m sure they are shocked at what has kept me this long.” Tola said, leaving him glued to where he stood.

He travelled back to Lagos and that was the last she heard from him.

At this point, the hall was silent you called hear the sound of a pin that dropped. There were silent tears on the eyes of many. It’s been two hours the minister had been sharing the story but it seemed liked she had been with them the whole day.

“I’m sure you’re wondering how well I know Tola’s story.” She broke the silence. The only responses were deep sighs.

That Tola I told you about is this lady standing before you. This is my bitter-sweet story. This year makes it ten years that incident happened, and coincidentally, it’s my twins’ birthday.

“Aww,” rent the air amidst sniffs and sobs.

You must be wondering why I told you this story. Here is the reason. When I thought that the end of my life was near when I found out about the pregnancy, God already made a redemption plan for me. The fall into sin was not a part of His plan for my life. It happened because of my carelessness, but God did not give up on me just the same way he did not give up on mankind at the first fall. He drew out another plan, and he has used my mess as a message for those coming behind me. Before I drop this mic, there is just one prayer that dropped on my mind when I was sharing this story. Pray that anywhere the enemy is waiting for you to strike and to soil your testimony, let God destroy his plans. Use Psalm 124:7 to pray. Stay blessed.

The applause that followed afterwards was capable of raising a person that was not decisive on whether to die or not.



All names and places are purely fictional and has no connection with any person or persons dead or alive. This story is an inspired fiction.