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Six months after I last heard from God, Gbade came out of the blues. Gbade had the characteristics of the kind of guy I love. He was lanky and broad chested, and to wrap it up, he was black and shine. His physical build coupled with his gait and calm demeanour made me tremble within, and my thoughts began to wander until I cautioned myself. Gbade is a guy I would have loved to be seen with back on campus, but I couldn’t because I was my Father’s daughter. I mean, what relationship wants to bring light and darkness into a union. He and his clique engaged in dark things that kept me in a quandary.

Seeing Gbade in a hangout organised by a Christian center came as a surprise to me. Back in the days, it will be over his dead body for him to step into anything that had to do with the church. He was comfortable without having to think of any Supreme Deity who controlled the mind of His worshippers, making them mindless robots.

“Who am I seeing here? I’m sure my eyes aren’t playing pranks on me. Folagbade!”

“Oluwatomi” He responded, squeezing me in a long embrace. I cringed at first, but I shrugged off the feeling I had. At least it had been a long time since we’ve seen and he is merely excited to see me. Having had a long discussion, we parted ways, exchanging numbers to ensure that we kept in touch.

My meeting with him, and our short time of catching up on old times altered my factory setting. My mind was never at rest as his name was now written on the walls of my heart. I wished secretly that he had now come to accept Christ, and was ready to follow him. I began investigations in earnest and I made my findings in no short time. Through our several conversations on WhatsApp and our calls, I deduced that he had now become a lover of God. For every of our conversations, God was always involved. I couldn’t but be wowed. “So God can transform anybody. Who could ever believe that Gbade could turn to God.” I thought aloud during one of my routine prayer. Before long, Gbade became my prayer point. I had found an husband in him and I cannot afford him to slip from my fingers.

“Dear Father, this is the person I want to marry, please, approve him.” I prayed. Though I received no response, I waited expectantly for the move of God in prompting Gbade to make his interest known to me. Two months after our ‘reunion’, Gbade began to show interest.

“Hey, babe! Hope you’ve been good? I’ll love us to meet someday to discuss something important.” He messaged on a cool Saturday morning.

I had woken up feeling so good and it was as if I was expecting something. During the cause of the night, I had a lovely dream, where I saw myself together with Gbade in the same attire. I couldn’t explain, but his message was more than a coincidence. It must be God at work.

“Sure. Can I meet you now? Where are you? I’m fully available”, I responded and was about sending when I sensed desperation in my tone. Deleting the message, I simply responded with an “okay, I’ll get back to you.” My heart burst with joy, and I began to thank God for His faithfulness and immense love.

The following day, I made my availability for the coming Saturday known to Gbade, and we fixed our meeting time for noon. I’d made all preparations and made sure I was looking dapper for my man. As usual, I could not contain the joy in my heart and wished noon was sooner than I expected. The day was so slow like that was the only day for that week. All along, I was swearing under my breath why today of all days will go to slowly for an ‘important’ meeting.

Gbade and I were working hand in hand into the restaurant we had chosen for our date when I sighted Bayo and another lady walking out, smiling gleefully at each other. They seemed to be consumed with each other, they did not notice the company around them. I felt a pang of jealousy, but I shrugged it off, thanking God he had found the woman that will try with him. I managed to gain composure so as not to make Gbade suspect anything that will soil our fun.

“Oluwatomi mi owon.” Gbade called with a special tonation. The sound of his voice alone sent me to the third heavens. My mind was blown away and it seemed I was literally floating in the air.

“I’ve always loved you and dreamt of having you in my arms. Your well set dentition that you freely expose when you give that charming smile makes me desire you. Your curves and bounties of your bosom makes me ache within, and I’ll really want to have you as my own.”
I was shocked as to the words that came out from his mouth. Why was his focus merely on my body? I thought within. I however passed it off with a flimsy explanation saying it was just his way of expressing his love.

“Folagbade, I love you and will love you till my last breath. I’ve been longing in my heart for the day you will be able to fit into my style so that I can keep you as mine.”

“What do you mean? I’ve always been a ladies man, and I know the effect I have on ladies.” He replied wondering what I meant by fitting into my style.

“Well, you know your lifestyle back on campus now. I could not stand what people will say seeing me with you considering the fact that I am a Christian, and I occupied a key position in my fellowship. Thank God you are now a Christian too, so no harm having you as mine.” I babbled, and he merely affirmed my assertions with a smile.

The vehicle of our relationship hit the road at a really fast pace, and I enjoyed every bit of attention I was receiving from my man. Gbade was such a perfect gentle man who knew just what I wanted, he knew the right words to say, and he did everything in his power to ensure that he never offended me though sometimes he goes livid with rage anytime I pushed him to the wall.

I wasn’t comfortable with his violent tendencies, but I passed it off as my own fault because I often stepped on his toes. I remember there was a time he slapped me during a heated argument. He came back begging saying that he didn’t know what got over him, and anytime he was mad with rage, he lost the ability to control himself. I apologized and promised never to allow him get into that state of mind.

Our ‘courtship’ lasted two years, and preparations for our wedding was on top gear. I could not contain my joy and I told everybody who cared to hear that I was getting hooked to one of the world’s finest and rich men. Gbade had money, and everything around him spelt M-O-N-E-Y. That was also what got me glued to him.

As our wedding day drew nearer, I felt uneasy in my spirit. There was this vacuum I felt and there was an unrest in my spirit. A month to our wedding, I began to notice some strange behaviours in Gbade, but I was too blinded by love, and I let it slide. I could not confront him either because it was just too late to lose him.

Prior to this time, my concerned parents had been worried about him. They made it known from the first day I introduced Gbade as my husband that their spirit was not in sync with him. Trust my father, once he says his spirit is against something, that thing is definitely wrong and any attempt to dabble into it headed for disaster. This has saved our family from many troubles, and it helped my elder brother from falling into wrong hands when he was ready to get married.

I received incessant warnings from my parents, but I was neck deep in rebellion to heed their restraints. I was angry with them for being a killjoy who were not concerned about my happiness. They shocked me more when they made mention that Bayo was the right person for me and not Gbade even though I had never for once mentioned Bayo to their ears.

Two weeks to my big day, I began to receive calls from an international number, but there was always an uneasy silence on the other end. I was worried sick. Sequel to the calls were text messages from another private number making it known to me that I was doomed if I made the mistake of marrying a God forsaken devil’s incarnate. I called the warnings bluff because the Gbade I knew was a perfect angel, except when he was angry when he actually looked liked the devil himself. The warnings kept coming, my spirit kept revolting, but my stubborn self would not let go.

When my parents saw the rate at which I was going, they engaged in serious spiritual warfare on my behalf. All through, I scorned them for disturbing themselves over what God had ordained. I had long stopped every form of prayer and personal retreats I often had.
Some few days, to the D day, I knelt down at my bedside wanting to thank God for His faithfulness when I heard audibly, “there is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is destruction.” Fear gripped my heart, and I began to tremble, sweating as if a bucket of water had been poured on me. At that point, I realized how far I had gone, but it was too late because the wedding was just three days away.

…to be continued.