Episode 2

The following day, I met with Gbade to finalise the plans. We met at our usual spot. As he briefly excused himself to attend to something, a message notification popped up, and what I saw completely paralysed me. As Gbade was approaching, I quickly dropped the phone on the table, but it was too late. He had seen me read the message, and he was charging at me like an angry lion. The slap that hit me sent me to the floor, and I watched on as he walked out of he scene. Dazed, I mustered strength to stand on my feet and walked away.

As I waited by the road for a lift, the scene kept playing in my mind, and I was just wishing it was a dream I would wake up from.
The words, “kiddo! Well done, boss. Thumbs up. Once you marry her, you have her womb legit, and you can do to her as you did to the other two fools” kept re-echoing in my ears. It was then I connected the dots, the call and the texts I had called bluff. The stream of tears flowed freely from my eyes without holding back. I had been a fool all the while, and a fool I will be forever.
Later in the night, Gbade called and begged me, and I could feel remorse in his voice. He said the message I read was not for him, and it was the network that diverted the message to his phone and he was sorry for hitting me and walking out on me. My heart softened. I think the charm he used was too powerful, but at this stage, my mind was made up.

The D-Day came, and my father reluctantly walked me to the altar. I could see the ache in his heart and the pain in his eyes. I could also see the radiating smile on Gbade’s face, but I knew there was more to that smile. As I approached the altar, I began to muster courage to carry out my plan. All through the sermon, my plan engulfed my heart.

“Do you take Folagbade as your lawfully wedded husband, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, till death do you part.” The voice of the pastor broke rudely into my thoughts.

Looking into Folagbade’s smiling face, his 32’s on display, my heart began to fail me. I knew deep down that if I lingered longer, I will lose the courage to carry out my plan.

With everything in me, daring the consequence, I said, “I’m sorry to bring a great embarrassment to my parents and well-wishers, but I cannot marry Folagbade.”

As I completed my statement, I felt the heat of hell, and the smiling face standing before me was the devil himself. Within a split second, I found myself on the ground, and it took the intervention of my father and the pastor to release me from the blows of Gbade. I literally could not feel my body and was carried out of the church by my father.

That experience left me in regrets. The following months, I retraced my steps back to my Father.
Two months later, I learnt that Gbade and his cult group had been arrested because they were also involved in some other shady deals. My heart rejoiced at the saving mercies of God, and I vowed that I wasn’t going to get married ever again.

Little did I know God still had plans for me. The following months, there was a peace that swept over me and a strange likeness for Bayo engulfed my heart. I embraced the peace, but pushed aside the likeness because I knew Bayo and I were an impossibility. Asides from the fact that I had purposed in my heart not to get married, the image of Bayo and the lady I saw at the restaurant was stamped on my heart.
When the feelings would not go, I looked for ways to reach out to him, wanting to apologise for my past deeds, thinking it was because I hurt him that I was feeling that way. I tried his numbers that I had, but to no avail. My heart sunk, and it was then I knew that this was more than a faint likeness but a deep love for him. I tried to endure the pain knowing that I had lost Bayo to another woman. This made me fasten my resolve not to give my heart to any other man.

Two years later, I received a call from an international number, and the voice I heard made my heart skip. It was Bayo. After all this years. After other frequent calls, he explained to me that he had wanted to move on with his life as regards marriage, but he had a strong restraint to still hold on. It was then he had a scholarship to Germany to further his education. When he was done speaking, I found the strength to ask him about the lady I saw the other day. He was shocked, as he could not recall the day I spoke of. After giving a vivid explanation, he laughed so hard I felt terrible for ever asking. He explained that that was his only kid sister. Hearing this, a part of me leapt for joy. He asked the question again, and I did not know when I shouted a yes that attracted my family members.

He explained that he had a prompting to reach out to me, and he was leaving Germany soon so as to start a family that he will take back to Germany. At this point, my spirit that had been long broken leapt for joy. I knew I had an explanation to give to the company I had unconsciously invited, and having told them the story, a praise and worship session broke out in my room as we all thanked God for His mercies in my life.

Bayo arrived and within the space of a year, we got married in a grand style. I have never met a man whose heart is filled with so much love and care. The way he handles me like an egg keeps me in awe of God’s tender mercies in still preserving Bayo for me.
I write this story with two nations fighting for space in my stomach. They will be born in about a month, and I can’t contain the joy that comes with motherhood.

All I can say to God is I’m grateful for His mercies. Though it was a two weeks journey that lasted about six years, I thank God that He did not leave me to myself.

I have to end it here. Bayo (yeah, I call him by his name) has come to pull me away. He always complains that I sit for too long and it’s not good for me. He is here to take me for our usual walk so that I can stretch my legs after a long day of sitting before the computer, writing.
This is my story, and I hope you have learnt one or two things. I love you, and I’m praying for you. I remain your girl, Oluwatomilola, iyawo Adebayo.