Last week got Kate filled with smiles. Beautiful Smiles. The Source- Kelvin. Being married for five years now, the couple have had times that proved the cliché “Love is not always enough.” Times of misunderstanding, one getting on the nerves of the other, each struggling to be the “Mr Right or Mrs Right”, through it all, they have learnt to be “K-Right”, willing to let go, forgive and win together, and this they are still learning. Kate learnt hers last week.

“Kev, must you always complain about my looks? I’m trying to look my best!”

“For me or for you?”

“For you of cause, you are my husband”

“If it’s for me, then why don’t you dress the way I would love you to?”

“How? You said you love clothes that complements my body shape and colour, I spent more than half of my last month’s salary on those clothes, going the extra mile to get a fashion consultant to assist me at it, what else do you want Kev?

“Baby, you got those clothes and accessories, I saw them, they are nice, but did you care to ask me if I liked them, or what kind of clothes and accessories I meant exactly? Did you?”

“But you aren’t a fashion consultant or stylist”

“Yes, you are right, I’m not, thanks for reminding me”

“No… that’s not… ” but Kelvin didn’t wait to listen, he went out to the gym,

“Oh mine! Men are simply impossible to please!” She whispered amidst sobs.

* * * *

Kelvin was driving back home, still angry. He thought his excersing at the gym will take his mind off the disagreement between him and Kate, but no. He was still caught in the thoughts that his wife doesn’t care enough about what he wants as it concerns her looks. He finds other women attractive when they dress that way and feels his wife will look better in them, but not Kate, she even argues that he wants to cheat on her because of his “fashion fantasy”. What can he do to make her understand?

He is almost at the junction that leads to the street where he lives, but changes his mind,

“No, I’m not in the mood right now” he murmurs in anger and heads towards Charles house.

“Hey Kay, what’s good?” Charles welcomed him.

“Just there”

Noticing his brother’s gloomy mood, he asks, “Are you and Kate good?”

“She is fine. Just at home”

“See Kay, I don’t want to meddle in you guys affairs, but maybe this will help” He hands over a note to Kelvin and walks away.

Kelvin recognised the hand writting immediately. They were his late mothers’. The same she gave to him the night before his wedding.

“How could I have forgotten this” He wept softly and walked back to his car. He drove straight to the city mall and went to the ladies section. Feeling funny while he shopped.

* * * *

The aroma saturating the house could make one salivate.

“Babe, what’s cooking?” Kevin asked his wife with the widest smile plastered on his face.

“Secret!” She replied, catwalking towards him, as she led him back to the sitting room with a kiss…

“Babe I got this for you” He brought the shopping bags to her. She checked through the bags and smiled.

“Kevin, I’m sorry too… I didn’t bring you into-”

“sssssssh” he placed his hands on her lips. I should have told you what I liked anyway, being specific about it too”

“So that’s why you got them yourself?”

“Yes and No” He replied, winking at her


“Yes I want you to get these as a gift from me and to look good as I like it, but then it’s not just about me, so if you don’t like any of them, we can go right back to the mall and change it, the store keeper assured me I could, it’s not just about me Baby, it’s also about us”

“Amos 3:3”

“How did you know” he exclaimed in surprise

“Remember the note I showed you? The one mum gave to me as her wedding present to us?”

“Which note…? Yes! Oh mine!”

“This is it” And they both smiled looking at the words as it became life:

“Dear Kate and Kelvin always remember to work together, agree together… Amos 3:3”

“I promise that we will agree together” they both chorused, bursting out in laughter, as Kate cried for joy..

“You know Kevin, this is the best gift ever”

“Yes, I agree and that aroma coming from the kitchen” he replied grinning

“Oh, my secret! ” she jumped and ran to the kitchen with Kelvin following behind.

Written by: Odey Goodness Ogeyi.