Time and time again, I often here that the best time to prepare for anything you want to do in life is not the time you want to do it, but a long time before. Marriage is not an exception in this, as it is a fundamental aspect of our existence.

Often times, singles are caught in the web of preparing for their wedding long before they are ready to get married. They fantasize as to the dress they’ll wear, the exquisite delicacies the guests will be treated to, the elegance of the decor, and what have you. Having made all this mental preparations, they do not paint the mental picture of how the marriage will be, they do not think of how to lay a foundation for a solid marriage.

The phase of being single is the period where we can lay a solid foundation for our homes. For instance, a person who plans to get off the hook in four to five years from now has been blessed with that number of years to lay an unshakeable foundation. There are several types of preparation to be made.

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There are several things we ought to put in place to have that dream home we all desire.

INVEST IN PRAYERS: One of the greatest asset one can invest in for one’s marriage is prayers. It is important for us to know that prayers invested today yields dividends for the future. There are lot of things to pray about.
1) Pray for your spiritual compatibility. I do not mean some denominational stuff, but that you both should be heirs of grace together, and that you both get to attend the marriage supper of the Lamb together.

2) Pray for your health and finances. One of the causes of broken homes is lack of finance, or mismanagement of finance. Sickness could also cause a strain on the marriage when either of the parties are usually in and out of the hospital. Begin claiming the promises of health and wealth for your home.

3) Pray for your children. They are one of the fruits of your union. Begin to speak into their soul what you want them to be. Form and mould them even before they are born, so that you do not fall under stress of child training.

4) Pray for the business you will do together amongst other things.

5) Pray over your sexuality.

LISTEN TO MESSAGES: There are renown men of God who have delivered sermons on building marriages and Godly homes. The sort of people you listen to will shapen your view of what a good blissful marriage entails. Some messages you can listen to are: Help For Newly Married, Journey Into/Towards Marriage, Purpose Before Marriage, Planning For Marriage. The messages can be gotten on www.deepersermon.com

READ GOOD BOOKS: As food is for the body, so is a good book for the soul. A man’s content and ideology is determined by the kinds of books he takes in. In the midst of sad stories surrounding marriages, getting a good book handy will go a long way in shapening your mindset about marriage. Some recommended books include: The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. The Ideal Husband, and The Ideal Wife by W.F. Kumuyi. Bringing Out The Best In Your Husband by Norman Wright. And many others.

GET FIRSTHAND EXPERIENCE: Pause! I do not mean you begin sampling every guy or lady that comes your way in the name of preparing. If you really want to get the hands on experience of what marriage is, attach yourself to a trusted Godly spouse who will be willing to share their experiences with you and guide you through the realities of marriage. However, have it at the back of your mind that experiences are peculiar, principles of marriage are universal, so, hold on to the principles while you learn from the experiences.

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