It happened on a good day that I attended an event, and the speaker mentioned something about the life of a married woman being divide into 4 phases, which would be discussed later. This also tallied with a book I read earlier- Elizabeth George’s “A Woman After God’s Own Heart.” I got an understanding of the uniqueness of being a woman, and the need to ensure that all the four phases balance up.

Well, you may wonder what this lil girl have to say about a married woman. It is good to know that wisdom can be gotten from books, and from the mouth of experienced elders. So let us begin.

The married woman’s life is divided into:


This is the most paramount aspect of the life of a married woman. For her to have a successful and happy marriage, it is a must she cultivates a relationship with God. There is no greater joy like you knowing that God is at the center of your home, and even when there are turbulent situations, you are at rest. Actually, the sweetest relationship you can have, be you man or woman is the relationship you have with God which was afforded you by Christ.

Elizabeth George in “A Woman After God’s Own Heart,” gives 4 things that shows a woman’s relationship with God: i) she has a heart devoted with God, ii) she has her heart abiding in God’s word, iii) she has her heart committed to prayers, iv) she has a heart that obeys.

When a woman has cultivated her relationship with God, she is afforded the opportunity to partner with God in building her home, and she receives wisdom to solve knotty issues that arises in the home.


After God, a married woman’s highest priority is her husband. As Elizabeth George puts it, her husband is her first human priority. When God created man, He realized that it was not good for him to be alone, hence, he created woman that she might be a helpmeet and a companion. It is expected that nothing takes the place of the husband in a married woman’s life, not even the children. A married woman as commanded by God is expected to submit to the husband, and perform her due responsibilities to her husband. A woman who doesn’t have a heart of submission has no business getting married in the first place.

Elizabeth George sums it up by saying that a married woman ought to have a heart that is willing to serve, follow and love her husband. In my opinion, one of the greatest joy of a married woman is to see her husband happy, and that his heart safely trusts in her.


The second human priority of a married woman is her children. A married woman is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that her children are nurtured and brought up in the way of the Lord. This can be seen from the biblical example of Hannah, Prophet Samuel’s mother; Jochebed, Moses’ mother; and even Lemuel. Friends or acquaintance of a woman should not replace the children’s position in the life of a married woman. Having the understanding that we have a special assignment given to us by God towards our children, it would be easier for us to understand the value of our role as mothers.

The heart of a woman towards her children is a heart that is filled with motherly affection towards her children, and those that come her way, a heart that prays faithfully for the advancement of her children in every area, and a heart that values being a mother.


The fact that you are saddled with a lot of responsibility, and you do have a lot on your plate does not give you room to be slack when it comes to your career. By career, I mean whatever your hands find to do, which we are admonished to do whole heartedly. A woman is known for her industry, and for her ability to joggle things together at the same time. As you take time to attend to your family, also take time out for personal growth and development, do things that will increase your value in your chosen field and be known for your hardwork.

All in all, ask for grace to strike a balance in all of the phases, for if one leg of the stool is missing, it renders it valueless; same goes for a woman- if an aspect is lacking, it poses a great danger to you and your family.