While I wait, I’ll wait on God;
To mould me to His image;
For in Him I find wholeness;
That I fit you perfectly.

While I wait, I’ll wait on myself;
To work out values in me;
For by this I can be relevant in your life;
And make a sense of our union.

While I wait, I’ll keep myself;
Not lounging in the bed of immorality;
‘Cos I honour Abba with my body;
And my desires are to thee only.

While I wait, I’ll wait in prayers;
Laying the foundation of our home;
Building lasting structures for our kids;
That we as one enjoy God’s divine bliss.

While I wait, I’ll wait for the day of our joining;
A day I’ve always loved and longed for;
Walking down the aisle, smiling in your face;
To begin our journey to eternal paradise.