So, the wedding is over, finally! What next? Honeymoon?
So, this term has a whole lot of history you may not know about that you need to go and read up, but this article seeks to focus on the term, “the honeymoon period”. In reading this, understand that this article is not saying you should not have romantic getaways for weeks or months after your wedding if you decide to. Who doesn’t love a good vacation!
The honeymoon usually occurs few weeks or few months just after the wedding and in this period, the couple seek to give each other the best and then, society says, after this period, ‘reality sets in,’ by this people often mean, the honeymoon is about the best time newly weds can have in relation to how they treat each other.
Kindness for instance should not end with the honeymoon phase. Going into marriage, you should have the mindset that honeymoon shouldn’t be just a phase, two weeks, a month etc. or about the location where you are in. If you restrict it to a time limit, you are subconsciously saying that all the best things you intentionally decide to do for each other ends there.
You’ll hear people say, ‘the honeymoon is over, welcome to the real world of marriage’. Please don’t have that kind of mindset because it can affect how your outlook going forward from that phase would be like, so that you don’t keep living on ‘honeymoon memories’ when you can create more beautiful times with each passing day in your marriage.
Imagine your husband was opening doors for you during that ‘time limit’ and then afterwards, he stops opening doors because–‘it’s now the real world’. Or during the two week period, you were mindful about your appearance and then after that two weeks, you become complacent.
Don’t be pressured to making honeymoon more of a rite if the above is what it will eventually become.
Whether or not you choose to change your location, ‘honeymooning’ should be more of a mind thing. You should always have the mindset that your marriage would be a lifetime honeymoon against all odds. This would help you treat your marriage like it was just yesterday that you got wedded.
If you’ll take a romantic getaway, enjoy it and take that flow into your ‘reality’. If you don’t get to have that romantic vacation right away, still enjoy it regardless. What matters most is that you both decide what you want in your reality. Whether all the beautiful experiences you create in the honeymoon phase should end with the vacation or with the early days or months of your marriage or you decide that you’ll continue to enjoy each other, be kind to each other at all times and in all the seasons of your marriage.

Now, what do you think?

Written by Juliet Ambali.