Quotes are statements attributed to a person. They are often short and witty. Quotes are more or less a million dollar idea squizzed into some few lines to pass across a message.

On the blog today, we’ll be sharing some quotes and a little explanation that will throw more light to the quotes.

Are we good to go? Sure we are!

The greatest mistake any couple can make is to involve third parties in the affairs of their home or follow what the society has to say concerning how a marriage should be run. You might have pulled a crowd for your wedding, please let the crowd effect end at the reception if you really want to keep your home.


The Bible admonishes us to correct in love. Your spouse came from a different background and you may not have the same ideologies in some things. If you want your spouse to learn your ways and accommodate your thinking, you have to talk to them in love.


Marriage is a journey to forever land in God’s agenda of things. When you cry all through the forever phase, I bet, you’ll think that forever will not come. The misery will make the time look longer. On the flip side, when you’re smiling all through, forever becomes too short to enjoy your marriage. Choose your forever wisely.


Don’t give the devil a chance at all. He is never satisfied with what he is given, he”ll seek for more.


The best home to have is where all these ingredients can be found. Have a mindset to have all these ingredients, and you’ll be forever glad. Your children will praise you.


Do you know that if you treat your spouse with the same level of patience, respect, tolerance and accommodation you give your colleague, there will be many more happy marriages?


As much as it lies in you, enjoy your marriage because it is all that makes the roller coaster of marriage sweet.