Sitting within the confines of my little cubicle, I was forced to be a part of the event going on outside my hostel because of the speakers planted right behind my room. The deafening noise of the music blaring from the speaker was one I managed to cope with.

Since I was a part of the show against my wish, I had to train my mind to focus on what I had to do. However, one thing that caught my attention was when the MC invited a guy and a lady to the stage to do something you’ll find out as you keep reading.

It made me reminisce on a post I wrote some time ago on “Women’s Consent To Their Objectification.” The lady was called upon to dance before the large crowd that was gathered. One thing led to another, and a guy was also invited to join her in the dance. The MC ordered that a chair be brought up stage. (At this point, I”l be as plain as I can be). The MC told the guy to sit and part his legs, and the girl was going to lap dance, and he must have an erection which he will show to the audience. If he doesn’t have an erection, he was going to give the girl five thousand naira.

The girl was made to lap dance three times, yet the boy did not have an erection. Now, this is the crux of the story. Since the boy did not have an erection, he was to give the girl five thousand naira. There was an haggle back and forth on the money he was going to give her because he couldn’t part with 5000 naira, and I could hear the girl say she must collect her money, at least she danced and he could not have an erection, she had played her part, and the guy must play his. In the end, I doubt the girl was given anything at all. She had only made herself a bargaining tool who did not even get a good bargain.

Young one, your body is not a bargaining tool. Don’t sell yourself so cheap, you lay down your body on the altar of lustful pleasure in exchange for money that grows wings and flies away. Don’t buy the bread of immorality and pleasure with the coin of your body. Carry yourself with the pride of one who has been bought with a very high price and cannot be made cheap before men. You have a duty to yourself, your children and your generation not to give yourself and body away for a cheap exchange.

As I end, I’ll want you to know that you might always give yourself as a bargaining tool if you have not been bought with a price. Be bought this day with the very high price of Christ’s blood. It is the best bargain you can make with your body and your entire being. The girl I spoke about lost on every side, but I can assure you that if you do the exchange with Christ, you can never lose. Let Christ in today!