Within the period of me being in SS3 and when I gained admission, I had crushed on three guys at different short intervals. One of the boys was a classmate and friend in junior school, but on getting to senior school, we were separated by class, he being a science student, and me being an art student.

No communication, no friendship, he did not even notice me, but I was crushing. I often found myself positioning myself in a place he would see me, but it was all in vain. Crush ended, another started. The second guy was a new student, and was a friend to my friend, but did not notice me. Crush ended. The third guy was not a student. He did notice me, but was not aware I had a crush on him.
While the first two did not affect me so much, the last one did and it was at this stage I cried for help. I think if I hadn’t, I would have messed up big time.

The dictionary defines crush as infatuation or affection for a person. At a point in time as adolescents, we will one way or the other have a strong attraction to the opposite. If not checked, it could lead to problems later in our lives. How then can it be handled so we don’t get crushed by our crush?


At the onset of puberty, there is a build up of hormones and you begin to feel attracted towards the opposite sex. This shows that you’re growing normally into the adolescent stage. What makes you have feeling towards the opposite sex is you admiring a particular skill or quality you do not have or anything you can’t really lay a finger on.

At a point in time, you’ll likely crush on a person you admire and it usually is the opposite sex. The danger line is now what you do with the crush. Do you crush it or do you add fuel to the fire? Do you caution yourself or so you throw caution to the wind? So, when you are crushing on that guy/girl, don’t beat up yourself, just make sure you work fast enough to cut off any thing that is stirring the crush.


This could be your parents, your teacher in school, youth leader in the church or any body you feel safe with and would give you write counsel. Like I said, in my own case, I spoke to an elderly woman I knew and she cleared out some things for me. That was all. Crush was crushed and I was free to live my life without the thought of the crush in my heart.

You may be wondering why I didn’t say talk to your friends. Well, I know they are your buddies, but truth be told, you guys have almost the same level of reasoning. Some of them may also give wrong counsel based on their experiences. You all may be experiencing the same thing. Now is not the time to fall into wrong hands.


The Bible tells us to guard our hearts with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life. You have a crush on the cute guy or that flawlessly beautiful girl, well, you don’t have to fuel those emotions. Emotions are stronger than reasoning, and once it gets a grip of you, it may be difficult for you to listen to the voice of reasoning. Tell God t set a watch over the doors of your heart and help you come out of this stage stainless.

Have you ever had a crush? What was your experience? How did you handle it? I’ll want to hear from you.