Dear Parent-in-law,

We may not know each other now, but someday, we will get to meet and a forever bond will be formed. I may know nothing about you presently, but one sure thing I know is that God is preserving you for me.

We both know the in-law crisis that often plague many homes, particularly wives and their mother-in-law. Well, ours won’t be like that because we both are not guided by the principles of this world but of the heavenly city. I’ll be to you a good daughter, and I’m sure you are an excellent woman because your godly attributes reflect in your son. Our relationship will be one your son may have to be jealous about because it would seem to him as though I’m a child of your womb.

Well, you have no choice but to live long because you have to reap the fruit of your labour of which I am one. Just as I pray for long life for my parents, I also pray the same for you

I have little to say now, but I anticipate the day we’ll see. The day we see is the day the flower of our friendship begins to blossom. I’ve promised to love and take you just as you are. Though the negative fear may want to creep in, I’ll do well to keep it out as I’ll embrace the thoughts of the loving memories we will create.

Bye for now.

With Love,

Your child.


Well, this letter came as a result of what exactly? Well, I can’t point out, but I just want you to know that you can have a pleasant relationship with your in-laws if you take them as your own. Seeing them as your parents may make all the efforts you put in to have a workable relationship with them worthwhile.

You can have a happy home and peaceful, united in-law relationship. I’m a strong advocate of that and I believe it is possible.
Feel free to adopt the letter to meet your needs.