Dear wife

Just few days back, I wrote a letter to husbands. You can choose to read that here. I’m sure you will be so glad I addressed the men instead of facing women. Well, here is your own piece of the cake I gave them to eat.

O virtuous woman. The crown of her husband. One whose price is far above rubies, whose children are proud to have as a mother, and husband is bold to call wife. Women are special, and with our speciality comes our unique responsibility of bowing our hearts to our husband in deep reverence, honour and submission. Take a chill pill. This doesn’t mean he has taken the place of God or he is now your god. No. God himself gave a command that wives are to submit to their OWN husbands the way the church is submissive to Christ. Do you know the weight of that statement? It’s only a heart filled with grace than can give that kind of full and absolute submission.

As a wife, if you know your place and position in the home, there would be no need competing with your husband. You are not the head of your home and you can never be. God does not regard you as one, and an attempt to make yourself one is a fundamental error. God’s place for you in the home is that you are a help, suitable for your husband. There is a huge favour attached to that role, and that is why the Bible says, ‘he who finds a wife find a good thing, and obtains FAVOUR from the Lord. Know your place and stand in your place that ye may reap the blessedness of standing at your duty post.

As a wife, I know the power you wield. It’s great. Your words in the life of your husband carries weight, use your tongue wisely. There is power in your body, never use it as a tool of manipulating or controlling your husband. There is power on your kneels, wield it for the protection of your home and husband. You are a multiplier. You are the gatekeeper. You are the thermostat in that home, you determine the temperature. Make your home a safe haven where your husband always looks forward to coming after a hard days work, and where your children love to be.

Wait, who told you that the financial load of the family is for your husband to bear alone? Who said you should not get something doing with your hands? It takes nothing from you to help your husband lift some weight. Making money is not a sex defined role you know. Remember, the Proverbs 31 woman never ate the bread of idleness, emulate her. Like I said earlier, you are a multiplier, do all you can to multiply your family income. Your husband will be grateful for that.

One more thing. Hope you are not following the modern wave of ‘feminism’ that disrepects men in the home. Let’s be guided in all we do, and remember that our guide is the Bible. Your husband is your covering, your head, your priest. You can’t do without an umbrella when it’s raining and expect not to get beaten by rain. The same goes with your husband. Submission is a divine order (arrangement) and a divine order (command).

On a final note, hear what the Proverbs 31 woman said, “a wise woman builds her house, but the foolish plucks it with her own hands.”

She that hath an ear, let her hear what this letter is saying to her.

I’ve written with much love from my heart. Your fellow sister, Kemi.