One Friday afternoon, Mr Michael Chinedu was driving home with his 6 year old son Mike jnr. He had gone to pick him from school. School Runs as we parents call it.

It was a jolly ride they were having when a careless driver swerved sharply to his lane, almost hitting him. That wasn’t what infuriated Mr Chinedu. The annoying thing was what the careless driver shouted. ‘Mad Man!’ he screamed as he steadied himself.

Mr Michael without thinking much shouted ‘Bush Man!’ at the driver.

Now almost 15mins later, Mike jnr, who had been silent since his father’s outburst to the other driver, suddenly spoke out. ‘Dad, is Bush Man a God type of word?’ he asked innocently.

Michael almost thought he was not hearing well. Four major words stood out from the sentence his son just said. ‘God type of word’

At that point Michael almost felt like giving himself a BIG knock on the head and 24 lashes of the cane! And he would be justified!

You see for some weeks now, he had been teaching his little boy about the importance of gracious words, and today he just showed a VERY bad example as regarding what he had been preaching about.

Michael looked for a good place to park his car, afterwards he looked at his little boy who was just staring at him so inquisitively.

‘Brace up man’ he thought to himself, ‘that was not a good example, so just apologise to the lad.’

Taking a deep breath, he ruffled his boy’s hair and spoke as gently as possible. ‘You’re correct kiddo, it’s not a God type of word; I’m so sorry for losing my temper at that driver son. I promise I’ll try not to do that again, cos it’s not pleasing to God’ He concluded soberly.

Hearing those words, his little boy brightened up and cheerfully said ‘OK dad, Gracious words?’ he asked with a big smile

‘Are God’s type of words’ Michael responded with much enthusiasm.

With that Michael did a high five with his son and embraced him and their journey home continued.

In his heart of hearts he knew he had to be much more conscious of what he said and did before his son.

‘I need to be an example to my son; I need him to grow being proud of the Father he has. Do help me God!’ He concluded in his heart.


When we remember that our children watch and learn from what we do as parents, we will become more conscious about what we act out before them.

Don’t forget this scripture beloved. Colossians 4:6 ~Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer each other.

Be a Parent your child can learn from. Be intentional about it.

That’s what separates the Men from the boys, yet again!

Parenthood is a Ministry. Do your part well and show God that He didn’t make a mistake by giving you that child.

Written By: Chinazo Ike.