On this Saturday morning, I went to visit my good friend, Izu because we work in the same company.

As we sat discussing some updates in our different departments, we heard Baby Chika, Izu’s four months old daughter crying. Immediately, my friend ran inside to get her. I thought that was all.

In some minutes time, he came out with a very loud wailing baby Chika. He was smiling, then he said, ‘when she cries like this, it means she might need a change of diaper’

In my mind I was like ‘let her mother change it then, isn’t it her duty?’

I was still thinking about that when he got some baby wipes and a clean diaper and began to clean & change the former diaper his baby was putting on.

Haba! Izu the Genius changing diapers?

You should see my friend in the office doing presentations, you will know he means business! He’s a No-Nonsense type of guy.

So seeing him doing this was a SURPRISE to me

As I watched him smiling and changing the babe, I noticed her cries were subsiding. This female babies eh, they always like attention.

My own wife is 6 months pregnant and sincerely I’ve NEVER considered wanting to change diapers for my soon to be born baby anytime in the future. Hmm

‘Where is her mum bro?’ I asked

‘She’s actually asleep, she NEEDS that rest you know,’ Izu replied as he began to rub some powder on his lil daughter’s body.

‘Chai! No be small thing.’

‘Nonso my guy, fatherhood is not beans o… Hehehe.. If you know, you know!’

‘I believe that responsibility of taking care of our baby should be between TWO of us, because making the baby in the first place was between TWO of us’ He answered and winked at me. ‘I try to help out my darling as much as I can. I don’t want to wear her out bro’ Izu added.

By now he had successfully worn Baby Chika a lovely little, pink singlet. The baby was all smiles. She didn’t even notice Uncle Nonso in the house. She was busy playing with her dad. My friend was smiling as if he just got a promotion!

Seriously, I felt a bit jealous. Holy jealousy though. Izu was doing a great job building a relationship with his little daughter.

Me I was busy thinking in my head. ‘Mehn! Marriage is a Call to duty o. Hmm. I need to be more considerate as I relate with my wife’

And that’s what I set my heart to do as I drove home that day. If Izu the Genius can do it with all his height, smiles, intelligence, even SPIRITUALITY! then who am I?

A New Nonso loading… My wife must enjoy me too.

Sometimes it’s actually lending a helping hand that makes the difference in our homes. That act of being intentionally CONSIDERATE to your spouse. That’s what separates the Men from the boys!

Written By: Chinazo Ike