Hey! I was thinking some days ago and I just felt I should pray with you and for you with some prayer points I tell my Father concerning my home and my marriage. We both know that marriage is no child’s play, and as much as we want to look at it from the physical aspect, the spiritual side of it which is hinged on prayers has a far more reaching effect.

Don’t just see it as another blog post or some religious jargon. If you are a spiritual person, we have a shared understanding that you can’t go far without prayers. There are many things in life (marriage is not an exception) that only God can do for you, and the fastest and easiest way to get His attention is by prayers.

The Bible makes us understand that we should call on God and He will answer and show us great and mighty things we do not know of. There’s also an assurance of answers because scriptures still makes us understand that God answers prayers and unto Him shall all men come.

See prayer as an investment. Just as you save money for future use, and you make investments with the hope of getting ROI (returns on investment), you also have to save up prayers in the bank of Heaven for future use, and you also have to make investments in prayers so you can get ROP (return on prayers).


Father we say thank you because you’re the Author and Finisher of our faith, and marriage is in your plans for us. We appreciate you because you designed marriage and you have a perfect plan for us as individuals. Lord, we bow our hearts and ask that You give us the grace to work in line with Your will and master plan for us. We acknowledge that we have no wisdom of our own to carry us through making choices or building Godly homes. We acknowledge the fact that even the best of desires we have for ourselves is nothing compared to Your great plan for us.

And so Father we commit our marriage/home into your hands, and we ask You to build it and use it for your glory. Our home is secured in Christ in God and when others are saying there is a casting down (broken homes, divorce, domestic violence), we’ll say there is a lifting up (love, peace, joy, harmony) because the Arm of the Lord will be seen in our home.

Our home is a light, a city set on a hill that cannot be hid. And so Father of light, we ask that in as much as we would love our spouse, we ask that we will love You more, and You’ll be the first place in our hearts and homes. Amen!

Well, the prayer is default, and I hope you really prayed. Personalise this one and see the wonders in the future. I sure know that there are other specific needs of yours that may not be captured in this post. Well, the good thing is that prayers go beyond this post so you can always ring the bells of heaven with your specific prayers.

While you pray, make sure your heart is right with God because the prayer of a sinner is an abomination to God.

If you’re married, pray with your spouse. Single? Pray for yourself and extend same to your future spouse.

You can share prayer points in the comment section.

Hugs and kisses. Much Love.