If you notice, I said qualities I want in a husband, not in a man. This is because the Bible says he who finds a wife finds a good thing. Inevitably, it is definitely a husband that finds a wife. I don’t know if you get my point.

Earlier this year, I was traveling to Ibadan for a programme and along the Berger bridge, I was accosted by some crew guys to answer a question. Guess the question. “What qualities do you want in a guy?” Well, for many reasons, I declined their request to stand behind their camera to answer their question, two of which are: 1) I’m camera shy and they were going to upload it to the public, and 2) Err, I really did not want to share the qualities I’ll appreciate in a husband. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Months down the line, I just felt I should publish this on my blog. Surprised, right? But before I continue, I’ll want to throw that question back at you. “What qualities do you want in a spouse?” Remember, this requires some deep thinking because as we all know, marriage is no child’s play, and there are some qualities that can not pass through the fire of trials, else it will burn off, and some can pass through, and it comes out as fine gold.

So, on to the main deal. Well some ladies (I’ll be talking in the female voice. Well, I’m female. Guys, don’t get lost just yet. You can apply. Anywhere you see he, just replace with she, and if you see him, insert her. You get, right? Now let’s move on) when asked this question will run down the list of qualities they want their Mr. Right to possess, and you here things like “he must be caring, TDH (tall, dark and handsome), romantic, and they go on and on, and like the icing on the cake, they say ‘he must be God fearing.” At this point, I laugh within me because no lady wants a devil’s incarnate for a husband, so they run for God fearing men and use it as an icing on the cake instead of the cake it self.

Well, story for another day. (If you’ll want me to write about that, indicate in the comment section 😘).

So, over to me. Well, before I go into the qualities I want in a husband, let me give a brief history about my relationship with guys and how I used to see them. I was one who did not like guys (hate is a strong word and I’ve stopped using it since a change occured in my heart). I can’t really say why, but I wasn’t just moved by them. So, even if they’re TDH, or the most caring and all, nothing got to me because it merely hit a brick wall I built around my heart. (Well, things are not the same anymore, and my mind has been renewed. Don’t look at me with that kind of eye o 😉).

Basically, the most important quality I’ll really love in a guy is that he is a man after God’s own heart. That is the main thing for me because it is the cake, while every other thing is the icing. This is not to say I do not appreciate other qualities. In fact, if I tell you the other qualities ehn. Well, everyone has their taste. But for the purpose of this post, this is all I’ll write because I’m not ready to divulge, and have to deal with things beyond me (if you know, you know 😁).

My question to you is, “amongst all the qualities you have in mind, which one takes priority?” I’ll love you to be sincere. You can share in the comment section if you do not mind. See you there.

Finally, do you possess these qualities you want in your spouse? You have to be what you want to have.

Much love 🥰. Hug hug 🤗