Revenge is a dish best served cold, so, why serve it at all? 

Many times, we see partners trying to get back at each other for a wrong done by one party to the other. There is a thirst to get even with the offender. Really? As partners, are you supposed to fight each other when it’s expected of you to fight together. Fighting each other tears apart your marriage while fighting together builds it to become an informidable force. 

When partners begin to look for ways to revenge, it is evident that there is a crack in the wall of that marriage and something has to be done urgently, with every sense of immediacy. 

Revenge breaks trust because the offending spouse may never have intended to do a wrong. It also shows you do not have each other’s back and you cannot tolerate your partners wrong doing. Finally, it also draws you farther apart because of the unforgiveness  amidst you. 

Say no to revenge, let go and let God.