And Adam and Eve were both naked and not ashamed. At the time God created man, they had no clothes on until sin set in and their eyes were opened to discover their nakedness. Prior to the discovery, they had fellowship with God in their ‘naked’ state and it was always beautiful.

When they sinned and they discovered their nakedness, they were too ashamed they looked for figs to cover their nakedness, and sadly, God’s fellowship with them seized, and they were driven out of the garden.

With the above, let’s delve into the real deal of getting naked. The post is actually targeted at couples, but singles can apply to themselves where applicable.

There are three categories of nakedness. Spiritual nakedness, emotional nakedness and physical nakedness. Nakedness is vulnerability. Nakedness is complete openness. Being naked is being unashamed.

As a couple, you both have to be spiritually naked before each other and before God. Remember God’s fellowship with Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden was with them naked. There was no sin between them.

If you want God to fellowship with you both, then get ready to be open and vulnerable before God individually and as couple. You both can’t have the garment of sin on and expect God’s presence in your home.

Your spouse should know your spiritual state and should even spur you to more openness with God. There’s nothing you can hide from God who knows all things, so the best state you can be for a stable marital experience is spiritual nakedness before God and your spouse.

On to the next which is emotional nakedness. This is a somewhat great deal because this requires vulnerability. Being vulnerable requires letting your guard down and allowing your spouse access to the depths of you. Let me say you’re letting your spouse to your holies of holies.

Why would I say this form of nakedness is a great deal? To be vulnerable to someone is voluntarily handing over to them the power to hurt you or make you happy. They know your strength and weakness, your uprising and your downfalling. Your spouse has seen you in the worst state no one may have seen you, and with this knowledge of you they have, they wield the greatest capacity to cause you more pain than anyone else can cause you.

However, when both parties are spiritually naked, there would be no fear of being emotionally naked because of the depth of love and trust you both share. Rather than seeking for ways to taunt you with your vulnerability, they’ll always have your back and protect you.

Being emotionally naked also implies that no secrets pass between you and your life is an open book before their eyes. Emotional nakedness is having no secrets, no hard feelings towards each other, complete openness and absolute vulnerability.

Finally, physical nakedness. As singles, this is a no go zone for you. While courting, feel free to get spiritually and emotionally naked, but don’t be physically naked until you’re married.

Getting physically naked before being spiritually and emotionally naked is like putting the cart before the horse.

The Bible records it that Adam and Eve were both naked and were not ashamed. There should be no shame in being physically naked with your spouse. Within the bounds of marriage, there’s the freedom of physical nakedness, one where there is no shame, guilt or fear. There are no restrictions either and there’s freedom of expression.

In conclusion, if this message is for you (for the married), GET NAKED!