Life throws at us a good deal of bricks to break us, but what we make of those bricks determines whether we build with it or we’re broken by it. Many people in the society are victims of domestic violence and their sour experience makes it difficult to either give or expect love. However, because we hold the power to use our albeit sorry experience for a greater good, victims of domestic violence or abandonment can choose to give and receive love, in fact, a higher kind of love.

This book tells the story of the two major characters who were from dysfunctional homes, but changed their narrative by giving and receiving love. People from dysfunctional homes can create an healthier environment for their children, and this book tells you how through a story.

Like Christ Loved is the story of Favour and David who are the main characters. They exercised their ability to turn the bricks of domestic violence life threw at them to build them the kind of Home expected of them by God. Find out how in this intriguing story.

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P.S: This is my first novella, and I’m grateful to God for this feat. He made this possible.