So, I thought to share one fun fact with you today which is that I am certain that one statement that I make repeatedly is that, “A healthy marriage doesn’t happen by itself.” Every aspect of the marriage needs to be nurtured, intimacy included.


A lot of times, people assume that it’s just supposed to happen by itself or worse is that either party often expects that it is the other person’s obligation to initiate activities around intimacy. By intimacy, I don’t only mean sex in this context, that and every other aspect of what that word entails.


Marriage is the union of two givers. It is essential that the two people involved should have it in mind that they want to daily seek to give of their best to each other as regards their marriage because that’s what is expected of them both from the creator of the institution. It’s even sad that out of ignorance, some people assume that the most that they should explore when it comes to intimacy should be when they have to have sex.


The marriage relationship is the only type that God desires that we are deeply intertwined and immersed in each other for His glory. A representation of the type of relationship the church should have with Jesus. It is His delight to see that we explore that aspect deeply.



Even taking it to the facts, it is only here on earth that marriage can be explored this way. In eternity, there’s no marriage, save for the ultimate marriage. The issue is that intimacy has often been regarded as dirty. Even couples may assume that exploring certain aspects of intimacy is too much or unholy. Some women don’t think it is okay to initiate sex for instance and some men also have this same outlook to intimacy in marriage.


In marriage, you want to constantly keep bonding with each other in every single area you can think of. Let me let you know that intimacy can be built through your finances, through the activities you do in the home, etc. by carrying each other along in every area of your marriage.


The fulfillment in your sex life starts from the intimacy you have in other areas of your lives together. Intimacy requires complete trust and vulnerability. It requires being bare and unashamed because truly speaking, what’s there to be ashamed of about your own self, as we believe you are now one flesh.


Don’t entertain the ‘see-finish’ attitude in your home. Constantly keep learning and exploring each other to see more depth in the beauty of your relationship. Keep enjoying your friendship as well and not get used to just performing roles till you forget who you both were in the beginning.


Every day, ask yourself, “How can I nurture intimacy in our marriage?”


Feel free to share your opinion. Much love 🥰

Written by: Juliet Ambali