I don’t know how many of you have seen couples (well, for this post my focus is on married couples because I don’t know what to call the ones those small boys and girls do) being all mushy or displaying love in the public for whosoever who wants to see.

Well, I’ve seen. Most times, when I see a couple together, I always observe how they relate with each other, if there is any show of affection or they are just together because they have no choice but to be together. I’m not naturally observant, but when it comes to things like this, I put on my observation spec. You can’t blame me. Can you?

Back to our PDA discussion. So, some time ago, I had boarded a BRT from Obalende to Berger and right behind was a couple that walked in as if they had to depend on each other for life. They were not even holding hands or anything related to touch, but they were close enough. The BRT was almost filled up and the only seats available was going to make them sit separately. I kept observing what they were going to do about the situation, and to my surprise that wasn’t really a surprise, they dropped off and went to board the next one that afforded them the luxury of sitting together. To some, this may not qualify for PDA, but to me, I think it does.


Mushy couple

And that’s the reason for this post. To you, what qualifies as PDA, and how much is too much?

I went on to the streets of social media to ascertain the opinion of the members.

Someone said, “I’d say it depends on individuals. To someone, cuddling in front of a third party/public might be too much while to some others, it’s just a normal thing to do. Also, the level of modesty or should I say sense of shame differs too. When it starts getting to the point of kissing or doing some other things meant to be done behind closed doors, I’d say it is ‘3 much gaan’. That’s what I think.”

Another person said, “Ladies want it o. Ladies that wouldn’t like it will not mind either. On how much it too much, well, it shouldn’t be excessive.” Ladies, you’re being spoken for. Do you go with this? Say so in the comment box.

You’ll love to hear this one. “Most times, it looks like it is too much, but I love it joor. Especially when it is coming from the right source.”

Hear this. “Sex in public is max for moi. That’s meant to be intimate.” I strongly agree with this, just as I do with others.

Someone said, “Won’t say I particularly love it but occassionally holding hands is cool. Pecks would be middle ground, no public kisses if we can. Other forms of body contact, sure.”

Let me conclude with this. “PDA is a good thing and it bonds the couple more. How much is too much? Well, there might be no need for PDA if the spouses are cool with it. But, since there are exceptions, it is basically the spouse that hates it that decides what is too much. PDA gives one the feeling that your spouse is proud of you, and will show you off to anybody anywhere.”

I’m sure you enjoyed reading through the comments. So, what do I say. I think I’d appreciate PDA, but on how much is too much, appropriateness and decency is the watchword.”

So, what do you say? Drop it off in the comment box.

Hugs and kisses. Much love.

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