Hi, guys. So, in the previous post, we talked about public display of affection, how much is too much? You can choose to read that here if you’ve not read it. I bet you’ll enjoy it. Make sure you read.

But, another question is “I love PDA, but my spouse doesn’t love it, how do I handle it? How do we strike a balance so everyone is happy?” This may be the question knocking on the door of some hearts waiting for answer.

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First, let’s establish a background. You and I know human beings are different, and we appreciate different things. The chief reason you and your spouse are not on common grounds with regard to PDA. So, forcing someone to be like you is out of it because you also don’t want to be someone else and you’ll not appreciate being forced.


HaPpY couple

Secondly, many people, particularly in my clime are held back from PDA because of culture and probably religion. They may be held back by exposure because they probably did not see their parents do such, so they feel inhibited. All these being settled, let’s go into the practical answers given by people who took out time to comment via social media.

From someone’s point of view, she said, “your spouse not wanting PDA could be because they hate it or have insecurities. To deal with it, you’ll have to discuss it with your spouse and come to an amicable conclusion. The other spouse will also have to get adjusted.

A friend said this. “There is something the spouse may have to learn to get the best out of the marriage and a greater part of it is compromise. For the sake of love you both share, you should do it. It will kuku not kill. Just learn it.”

You’ll also love this. “We’ll talk about it. Those I find comfortable, at least bearable to do, I will. Occasionally (once in a blue moon), I’ll do the ones I find most uncomfortable. If it makes her happy, I can bend occasionally.”

Read this. “I don’t like PDA. Like I’m not a fan of PDA. I will just talk to him about the fact that I don’t like it and maybe we will try to adjust. We will just minimize the lovey dovey. We will meet each other in the middle.”

I’ll conclude with this. “A blend of indulging one’s spouse also understanding the other’s stance and listening to know when the partner doesn’t feel comfortable.”

I have no more words on this as my lovely friends have given their practical views on how to balance it.

You have the opportunity of sharing yours with us. See you in the comment box.

Hugs and kisses. Much love.