You have been wondering for a while now if you should keep your past to yourself or share it with your intended. When you are starting out life and you intend to build a family together with someone, it is important to note that this relationship needs to be built on the foundation that comprises love, also, trust and complete openness to each other.



The kind of love that is needed in a marriage is one where it truly covers all, past sins included. You can’t say you love someone and withhold certain things from your past because oftentimes, the intention is because you don’t want them to feel hurt or to walk away. Better he or she makes the decision to walk away before marriage than set out for a complicated married life. If it would be an issue in marriage, it’s better to tackle it before you get married to this person.


Choosing to keep certain things from your fiance(é) is selfish and that’s not an attribute of love. It’s a sign of insecurity keeping things away from someone you intend to spend the rest of your life with.

Truth is, there’s a freedom knowing that your heart is at peace and you are not carrying any baggage secretly. You will also walk about freely not fearing that your partner may hear it from a third party, which isn’t good for your relationship.


When you can trash out the past, it will help to create a better present and future in terms of knowing that you can trust each other about anything no matter what. When you keep certain things from your past away, you will begin to see it as a normal thing to do even in the present and future.


The one person you can talk about your past with and vice versa and not be ‘judged’ by it is the one you should know to spend the rest of your life with amongst other personal convictions for wanting to marry them. It’s okay for the man or woman to be skeptical or not even want to go ahead with getting married, but it is a whole lot better for you both.The right one for you will come along.


What are your views? The world will love to hear.


Love you 😍


Written by: Juliet Ambali