Going down memory lane, all I can see in my life is the overwhelming mercies of God. My name is Sharon and I’m the first born of my parents. I have three siblings; Sarah, Samson and Samuel. My mum is the women leader, while my dad is the pastor over our district church. They are highly respected people in our local church and in the community too. They brought my siblings and I up in the way of the Lord not only because they were leaders in the church, but because they saw us as God’s primary assignment for them. Their love for God reflected in the way they loved us and trained us.

My siblings and I walked in the path we were trained. Our love for God reflected in our prayer life and Bible study and the other things we did beyond church activities. You know the Bible says if you train a child in the way of the Lord, when they grow old they won’t depart from it. Being the first child, I’ll organise a weekly fasting and prayer for my siblings, we share God’s word together, and the spiritual activities we do together made us have a special kind of bond.

I was 21 years when I knew the person I was going to get married to. I have always wanted to marry early. After all, my parents did. When I was 23 the guy came to propose and we started our courtship after he sought my parent’s consent. My mum was part of the marriage committee, so I can say I was privileged.

Kola was a close friend of mine while we were in the university. It was after I graduated I knew he was going to be my husband, but I kept our relationship platonic. I did not even give him signs that I knew anything, and when he came to propose, I did not bother to delay my answer. Our courtship was to last 9 months, but in the sixth month something happened.

One weekend, I called Kola several times but he didn’t pick up his call. Later in the afternoon he called me and as I was about venting my anger on him, I noticed that something was wrong with him. His voice was dull and the joviality with which he greets me anytime he called was not there.

“What is happening to you, Kola?”

“Sharon, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to pick your call. I have been admitted in the hospital since yesterday night.”

“How? What happened to you?” Sharon was hysterical. She still spoke with him the previous morning and he sounded fine.

“I don’t know what happened exactly, but in the evening I felt an heaviness in my chest. I managed to drive home. Immediately I got down from the car, I slumped. I opened my eyes in the hospital and it was then I was told that my neighbour who saw what happened brought me to the hospital. I’m getting better though. Hopefully, I’ll be discharged on Sunday.”

Tears were already forming in Sharon’s eyes. “What is the name of the hospital. I’m coming right away.”

“Hey, dear. You don’t have to bother. I know you have a whole lot of office work you have to do, don’t let me add to your stress. I’ll be discharged tomorrow.”

“Kola, send the address. I said I’m coming. At least I haven’t complained that you would be disturbing me.” I raised my voice. “Kola, you’re more important to me than any job.” My voice softened.

He sent the address immediately he dropped the call. I went to my room to change to a clothe I could wear out.

“Dad, mum, I’m going out. I’ll be back shortly.” I called out as I headed to the door.

“I can see you’re in a hurry. Is it an emergency?” My dad asked.

“Yes, it is. It is Kola.”

“What happened to him? Why are you going to meet him?” My mum had a questioning and worried look on her face.

I was already becoming impatient with the interview session I was being subjected to. “He is in the hospital. I’ll tell you everything that happened when I come back.” I said as I hurried out of the house.

I would have driven my dad’s car, but I thought against it. I boarded a bike so my journey could be faster. It took me two hours to get to the hospital, courtesy of the traffic. I met with the nurse and I was directed to the ward Kola was admitted. He was sleeping when I got there. Thirty minutes later, he woke up and I was allowed to meet him. His face was looking pale. I gave him the fruits I bought on the way, we discussed and I prayed with him. I left the hospital around seven p.m.

The following week after he was discharged, I went to his house. He was given a week off work so he could recuperate. Getting to his house, I prepared rice and stew. After eating, he lay on the couch while I sat on a chair opposite his. After 30 minutes, he coughed and I helped him get his drug and a glass of water. I sat at the edge of the chair while he sat up. After taking the drugs, he lay back and before his head could rest on the chair, I held is head up, sat on the chair and deposited his head on my laps. I felt the nudge in me, but I think I allowed my emotions get in the way.

To be continued.

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