Do You Have To Communicate With Your Partner Everyday While Courting?

We know that communication is the lifeblood of every relationship. Even friends need to communicate to move their friendship forward how much more intending couples or couples.

I was reading a blog some days back and the writer made a post on how to use SMS to boost your romance and he mentioned the need to send a romantic message everyday, and as much as you can morning, afternoon, night. You can get a full grasp of the post here.

I enjoyed every bit of the post, and even learnt some lessons but one question that kept ringing in my mind was “do intending couples have to communicate with each other EVERYDAY?” Well, I didn’t want to write only my opinion on the matter so I opted for an opinion poll to garner people’s views.

Personally, I can’t give a yes or no because I’ve not been in a relationship before and I don’t know how everyday calls work. My mum has always made it a thing of compulsion to call her everyday but it has never worked for me. It might be different with my fiancé when I eventually get into a relationship. Time will tell. However, it might be feasible through different means, texts, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. It depends on the parties involved.



Let’s hear from others.

Yeah. Communication is key. Daily communication is importanter. -Oluwatimilehin

It’s nice biko. Once it goes beyond 24 hours on a consistent basis, personally it starts feeling like a ‘hmmmmmmm’ situation… It shouldn’t be a major problem if there are explanations. No party should go MIA on the other. It’s almost rude. -Liza.

Yes, sure

Communication is the bedrock of any successful relationship. -Toluwanimi.

I think times have made things different. In the sense that in the times when calling or texting was hard, you’ll treasure calling even if it’s once a week.

Unlike now when we can all call and send messages anytime we want. It will be rare if they don’t communicate every day especially when there is no hindrance.

But if one has to, it will depend on the two people involved and for reasons best known to them. At least text messages are very easy to send during working hours and at the close of work, some minutes to call too….depending on several factors like finances, nature of job(medical doctor) etc. They will both know what works best for them. It’s unique to each relationship. -Juliet.

To create fondness and Intimacy.. I think it’s recommended!❤❤. -Esther.

Communication is the basis of every relationship. And it is majorly through communication you get to know one another. Moreso, there’s this longing to always hear from or communicate with someone you love. So except on very rare occasions where communication can’t be possible, it’s not wrong to hear from your fiance /fiancee everyday.

My opinion though.. -Adassah

I believe communication is key. It makes people feel closer and up to date. Intending couples should create no communication gap in their day to day activities. -Joy.

These are the responses I got. Share yours in the comment section 😘