Here comes the question again, friendship before but Loveship?

In the previous post (you can read it here), I shared some views on the subject matter of being friends with your intended before entering the love boat together and I got a number of wonderful feedbacks. I remember I promised to publish a part two which has the flavour of experience coupled with views, and here it is served to you hot hot. 


Yes, I believe strongly in Friendship before loveship. It helps a lot and saves from undue trauma. Some married people cannot even communicate in their homes, they are very stiff and dry, there’s no spice and all. Hmm, I’m not saying you should not dream dreams or see visions o, when you do… Pray and afterwards build friendship with the person. Friendship is a very deep and strong rooted thing, when truly understood, love grows and it saves a home from undue duress. ~Opemipo

I think friendship should come before ‘loveship’. It is a firm support to whatever is being built afterwards (be it love, business or any other thing bringing people together). The room for tolerance is more for friends who turned lovers than the other way round. A saying goes thus; “a brother (lover) may not be a friend but a friend will always be a brother (lover)”.   ~Babatunde



Whether it comes before or after, the truth remains that friendship is what keeps a Union together.

My parents didn’t have that time to be friends before being in love but in that loveship, they built a strong friendship.

I admire my parents marriage because they are best of friends.

And let me add that because someone is a good friend to you doesn’t guarantee that s/he will become a good partner.

You can be friends for years without stepping on each other’s toes once and start having issues on the first day you start  dating/courting.

There is no hard and fast rule to this. Do what works for you.

Building friendship before loveship doesn’t mean you’ll remain friends in courtship/marriage. However, friendship MUST be built in a romantic relationship.  ~Ibukun. 

These wonderful people have contributed to the narrative. I’ll love to hear from you. 😘🥰


That Marriage Needs Friendship