Hey! Don’t get scared away by the title. It’s just some legal jargon to pass across a basic message I know you can relate with. I’m just under the influence of project writing that’s why the topic was coined like this. If you’re a Christian, I believe you would have fasted before even if it is just once, and if you fasted till 12. All fast na fast.

So, there’s a relationship between this spiritual exercise of fasting, and sexual fast all singles that choose to honour God with their bodies must experience. I was fasting one day and the correlation between these two types of fast was of painted on my mind. 

I believe a common verse quoted when asking for grace and strength to fast is “they that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31 (KJV).

Using this verse has been a strength booster for me when fasting. All the strain and weakness I feel when I do not eat normally does not affect me much when I’m fasting because I draw strength from this passage.

Let’s apply this to the sexual fast. Do you know that you’re actually waiting on the Lord. You and I know it is not easy to actually have this sexual fast particularly in this sex-oriented time we find ourselves.

Your front, back, left and right has something of a sexual appeal which even makes keeping your thoughts pure a serious task. But because as Christians we do not rely on our strength and we are waiting on the Lord for the time appointed, we have the grace to keep pure and not meddle with anything sexual while fasting.


Your strength to keep going and not falling into any sexual sin is renewed each time you are faced with the temptation to ‘break’ your fast and you overcome. You’re mounting with wings as eagles above the sexual pressures we are faced with. By drawing strength and seeking grace from God, you’re not weary in keeping yourself pure and you will not fall into sexual sin. So, when next that sexual urge comes upon you like the wave of the sea, which is perfectly normal, remember Isaiah 40:31.

I’m sure you also know that it is when you choose to fast someone will choose to prepare one sumptuous meal, and the aroma alone is making you salivate and you begin to wish you were not fasting. It is also at that point that varieties of dishes wil be dancing and singing ‘taste me, taste me.’ Because you know the purpose of your fast and what you seek to accomplish, you’ll not succumb to its allurement. You won’t taste or nibble on anything until the hour of your fast is over.

The same goes for the sexual fast. Like I mentioned earlier the world is not helping matters and there are so many things calling our attention to have a taste or to just nibble a bit. The same way you exercise discipline in not eating the food that is making you salivate while fasting, is the same way you will exercise discipline in  not nibbling on the food around (kissing, touching, pornography, masturbation or every other form of stuff that satisfies your sexual appetite).

Like Yoruba’s say, “what you won’t eat, you won’t put it close to your nose.” I had to give the English translation lest I make a Yoruba blunder. If you know you don’t want to fall headlong into sexual sin, don’t bother doing the above.

Finally, there’s this satisfaction that comes after you’re done fasting and you’re waiting to eat. You will purposely make sure that you break your fast well with good food so you can regain the little energy that you lost with the fasting exercise. Aside the satisfaction that you have from food, you‘re content with yourself that you successfully fasted without falling to the temptation of the food that wanted to sway you. Fast completed, mission accomplished. Yippee!



The sexual fast is also time bound and every individual has their time where they will break their fast. Some people‘s fasting threshold for the physical fast can‘t go beyond 12, while some have the grace for marathon. For the sexual fast, the break of your fast is once you’re married regardless of your age.

Just as people have different times they break their fast, people have different ages they get married. The ultimate in the sexual fast is that you’re legally married before you break your fast. It comes with a satisfaction that you were able to overcome the pressures mounted on you by the society.

I hope you enjoyed this simple analysis. Share your thougts in the comment section.


Much love,

Kemi. 🥰


Balancing Your Spirituality And Your Sexuality