This is another opinion poll post where people air their views on this subject matter. 

Overtime, I hear people say “in the end, family will always remain family even when you get married.” This leaves me wondering what they mean and who exactly is family. I know we all come out from that small cell in the society known as family, but who becomes family, or better still, I’ll say who is family when a person gets married? Siblings and parents who have stayed with you from cradle, or spouse and children who come into your life at a particular stage? 

Well, because my blog is not all about me, but also about you, I chose to get the views of my readers through my various social media platforms (you can follow us here) and they readily, as always shared their own thoughts. 

Hear them out. 

Biko spouse and children.

So shall a man leave his father and mother (previous family), and cleave to his wife (new family), and they twain shall be one flesh. But that doesn’t mean you abandon your parents and siblings. Only that your priority is your  spouse and children, then your parents and siblings. -Oluwatimilehin. 

Your spouse and  children. Others are EXTENDED family😂 -Joshua. 


Even bible said a man shall leave his father and mother… And shall cleave to his wife….. 

My parents built their family already by raising me and my siblings, it’s now time for me to build mine with my spouse 😊😊 -Naomi. 



Both. One becomes the nuclear family, the other extended.  Some make the mistake of abandoning or even maltreating their family due to the influence of their spouse, it could also be the other way round. -Tosin. 

It means I now have two families, but My spouse and my children become my first family. They are the ones who will now be closer to me, see everyday, do things together etc. Before I can think of anybody, my husband and my children come first. Then I can now think of my second family. -Faith. 

I don’t like this type of questions cause then I have to choose 😭. I can’t give an answer because of the ‘every situation’ bit. I think they become top on my priority at different situations. There are times my husband and child/ children will need me more . A lot of times actually. And there are times my parents and siblings will need me more. So in those situations any of the groups will come first. When it comes to marriage or family, I don’t like to have a stiff rule. Cause life doesn’t always go one way. -Jennifer 

We have been with our parents and siblings all our lives before getting married. 

To me, my Kids and Spouse automatically becomes my NEW family. We gotta value every seconds with them because they are our new family God commanded us to build. -Damilola. 

Yes, your parents and siblings were there for you in your ups and down. Your mother might have gone miles for you or your father spent fortunes to get you where you are. But, when you marry, your immediate family (wife and children) come first before your extended family (parents and siblings). You’re not cutting them off totally, no! Put them in their deserving position which is second after your immediate family. Don’t do for them what you haven’t done for your own family. Don’t put your family in a position they have to start competing for your time and resources. This is applicable to both male and female. -My humble self. 

What do you think? Your view is important. Share it. 😘🥰