Hello! Hello! Hello! I’m so excited and I feel like jumping! I’m sorry you didn’t here from us the first week in November. There were some glitches. Apology accepted, right? Let’s move. Guess what?  This is my first post since I… never mind, you can decode yourself.

So, I had to go on a three weeks break off my blog because I was writing my final exams (hope you’ve decoded) and I sure had to give it the best shot. I also had something special cooking for the month of November and it is an interview session with some married folks.

The people I interviewed are not just the regular people. They are a spec. Over time, I have observed from their conversation that they know what God expects of marriages and they live by it. I don’t have to let out everything. You’ll decipher yourself from the interview.

So, Home Talks had a dialogue with the Ambali’s, a tete-a-tete with the Alabi’s, a talk with the Akinyele’s, a session with the Yakubu’s and an interview with the Olujobi’s. These five couples are wonderful, lovely and godly couples. You sure will enjoy reading their responses to some of your questions.

P.S: They each wrote an article on different topics on marriage you’ll love.

I love you,