It is marriages and families and homes that make up the society. It’s what starts from them that build up or contribute to make the society. They both have impact on each other one way or the other but it is important to note that families can decide what kind of influence they want in their homes.

There isn’t the right word for when we see that a particular pattern that the society employs in how homes should be run has failed time and again yet people still allow them in their homes but complain that they want something else. You can’t want a particular destination but choose to get there through the wrong route. There are many patterns that are not according to God’s plan that people make use of which bring about unhealthy results.

When you hear things like, “That is how things are done in our family or village,” that’s a red flag signifying something wrong that the party involved must agree to whether it is something they are comfortable with or not just because they are married into such family. Any other thing would mean that such an individual is dishonouring the family. It is important to know that as much a marriage has links to external people (extended family and society), what should govern the affairs of the home is God.

So, if the society says something, weigh it side by side with what God has said and let that guide what you permit into your home. Imagine a society made up of families that obey God and seek to improve daily with the help of God. What kind of a society will that be like? It will affect governance, state of economy, even foreign relations etc. It’s important that with the help of God, we all get it right as families. That’s the starting point of the health of the society.

The Ambali’s.


Much love,