God will never change His standards to please men. It does not matter how perverted men have been on the issue of how to choose a partner. God did not make any mistake on His own precept from the beginning. God’s word and His precepts are the same and one thing is common to them, it stands forever.

The reason we have high divorce rate today is because people have followed the idea of men for what relationship or marriage is. They have neglected the concept of God or have even not known it. Anyway I know that spiritual things are discerned and it’s hard to know for a natural man; a natural man is a carnal man, he can not know it. But, one who is able to pick God and then obey God’s instruction is a spiritual man.

For us to change the face of what relationship is into God’s divine purpose has to do with us understanding God’s intention for relationship and marriage. God said the purpose of having or giving you a wife or a husband is so that from your home, godly seeds can be raised. Yes, when they’re raised it gives God the platform to teach them and when they’re taught of the Lord then surely great is the peace of your children.

Anytime people bring the philosophy of what marriage is to Jesus, He always refer them back to what it was from the beginning. Click To Tweet

Anytime people bring the philosophy of what marriage is to Jesus, He always refer them back to what it was from the beginning. One of the ways to know a wise man, is one who can look back to past occurrences or experiences or dealings of God and then can plug into it for the now. When we look at how God operated in the union that occurs in the beginning, one thing is sure, God was definitely involved and at the center of every step into that marriage.

First, it was God who knew Adam needed a woman and not Adam who told God to do it for him. He never even mentioned it to God that he needed one and when God gave Adam His word, if patience was not in place, Adam will choose animals.
Secondly, it was God who taught of the how to bring the partner and what He did was to build the woman for Adam and this we see that it occurred in the garden of Eden (Eden means the presence of God) and not outside it. So God made the woman for Adam at the very present help in the time of need of Adam.

Thirdly, we saw that it was God who brought about the union by bringing the woman to meet Adam which we could see clearly that God’s leading was involved in this matter.

Lastly, we could see that Adam could identify with the woman God made for him because there is a spirit in man and the inspiration of God gives him understanding and so Adam that was sleeping when God was busy making his wife, could in one minute summarize all that God did while he was asleep by identifying his wife that this is now the bone of my bone, the flesh of my flesh, she shall be called a woman, for she was taken out of man. But, he was sleeping when God did this. Well, I am not surprised because he was the one who named all the animals the way God will do, the supernatural knowing was all on his inside.

You see, God was at the center of all these things and to take God out of sight in this matter is to place ourselves in a marriage that we never planned for. One thing that we should never get into, is to think because God led me into the marriage or relationship He will be the One to ensure it works. God won’t do that! God will give you the instruction on how it will work and if you who have never obeyed God’s word before, it may definitely seem hard to obey the things He will bring to make your marriage or relationship work.

it is not enough to say you have sharpened a cutlass and then place it on the field to expect it to cut the grasses, that's to work in foolishness. Click To Tweet

So you see that it is not enough to say you have sharpened a cutlass and then place it on the field to expect it to cut the grasses, that’s to work in foolishness. These are the things people are doing in their relationships and marriages, thinking God will do the work for them while they just enjoy the “God-led-me” relationship or marriage.

We must understand the place of God’s leading and then our responsibility in making the relationship or marriage work also. God’s divine purpose starts from our choice and as God’s children our strength lies in the place of being led of God into a relationship and the place of being tuned in on how the relationship or marriage will work and then yielding to it.

If we will expect our relationship or marriage to work, we must go by God’s precept and we can be sure of the results we will get and if we go our way as a man too, we should expect a result that is different from God’s own. God’s divine purpose is simple, going back to the beginning, raising godly seeds through your marriage and also ensuring your marriage reflects Christ and His Church, for when a marriage truly reflects this, such marriage has entered into God’s divine purpose or will for marriage.

Tope Akinyele
The Love Transformers