My oh my! It was indeed a ‘November to remember’ on the blog with our interview series with the married. The blog caught fire. It was exponential! I got feedbacks. Souls were blessed. People were impacted and hopes were restored. I didn’t figure it out like that from the onset, but I give all the glory to God for how He works. Did you miss out on the interview with the married, go to the interview’s category on the blog and drink from the refreshing waters stored up for you there.

This is December! Yippie! 2019 is finally closing in. In 30 days time it will be a thing of history. It is past. Who is as excited as I am.  Well, I’m much more excited because this December has to go down in history before it becomes history itself. December on Home Talks is all about the single ladies and guys and all those that keep asking God when.

If you’re yet to be married which means by ordinary mathematics you’re single, you can relate with the times of pressure from any angle (it depends on your age), sexual urges that have to be controlled (no one is left out except something is wrong somewhere), and the periods of loneliness because you don’t have that person to talk with in an intimate manner with bedroom voice and tales at moonlight.

My dear one, you are not alone. This is not something peculiar to you alone, not at all. There are people who have walked and are still walking and are willing to hold your hands on this journey through the single phase. They all have something in common. They’re single! That is quite obvious, right? Another thing is they all have their unique experiences which they have chosen to share with us other singles.

With me this December are 5 godly, enterprising, goal-getting and dynamic single guys and ladies who are navigating through the water of singlehood. It’s a great privilege and a huge honour to have with me, Esther Oyekunle- CEO, Beracah Creations; Briggs Deborah Okorite- Software Developer and photographer amongst other things; Israel Ifeoluwa Kuti- Relationship Student Teacher, Esther Omikunle (Esthitude)- CEO, Mivida Enterprise; and Tayo Oso.

You can see for yourself. This is just a tip of the iceberg. Wait for their interview and article.


Much Love,