It is movies like Acrimony that would just remind you of the numerous ‘wahala’ in the ‘aye’. I had to conclude “wahala aye maa po se”(the troubles of this life/world is much).

Life without the true knowledge of God can be full of troubles when problems arise. There is the assurance we have in Christ of the gift of eternal life! It should keep you rejoicing always!

I saw it this past Friday🤦🏾‍♀. No matter how annoying/painful/stupid/deranging that movie turned out, there are too many lessons to learn especially for us ladies🌝. I realized that so many of the problems we face in life are because we don’t take out time to think before we act☹️. This is really one among the numerous reasons from the movie!

As Christians, our surest bet is living by God’s word (that is God’s will for you) and walking in the Spirit! There was obviously no mention of Melinda’s family being Christians neither were we told Acrimony was a Christian movie. I say this because I would be writing from scriptures alone inspired by the Spirit. I’d be drawing cogent lessons from the movie so you can learn because some things are just common sense.

Dear Single,

Better a broken courtship than a sour marriage

Melinda bothered so much about marrying Robert rather than wanting to have a great marriage. She wasn’t knowledgeable about what it takes to build a great marriage, please dear single, be equipped. Marriage requires work (yes, I know lol), so don’t go in without proper knowledge of what you’re getting into! It is better you stay single than spend the latter part of your life in pain and tragedy.

Learn to build quality relationships while you’re single.

It goes beyond the physical. Get to access people’s minds, know their character because there would be signs to watch out for; good or bad. Get involved in what they love doing not so they can notice you but to show how much you care for them. See how you can help in their growth and development. You can buy them quality books, encourage them to attend conferences where they can learn in line with their goals.

Allow the Spirit lead

Sisters, please calm down and allow the Spirit of God lead you before you go into that relationship or say Yes. Please, seek godly counsel too! Ask his friends and those who know about him. Don’t be led by your emotions, they mislead a lot!

I can imagine the excitement when a guy does nice things for you (in Melinda’s case, her thesis) and he’s fine but please calm down there’s more to a human being than his physical appearance, so much more! Don’t be led by your senses but by faith. Pray! Look out for someone who knows he is loved by God, saved by Grace and living by Grace. Don’t always live your life to chance!
This was so Melinda, don’t be such but be intentional about how you live, make wise choices please.

Also, don’t let any one tell you that all guys always cheat, it’s not an absolute truth as there are those who still stand for purity (which is God’s desire). Like we saw, Robert never cheated for once and sadly that was the beginning of disaster waiting to happen particularly for herself because she died in the end! Know your worth and live by it.

No one owes you a thing

I’d keep repeating this to anyone who cares to listen. No one! Don’t live life with an entitlement mindset. It puts one in a position where you become irresponsible. This might be very controversial but think about it, Melinda had no sense of self worth from the start, no education on accountability and responsibility hence her giving away all she had without considering the future at least. That’s not relating with common sense.

Relationships do not define you.

It seems to me that Melinda had always lived for Robert right from the start. There’s a clear difference between helping someone out, being a blessing to them or being there for them at all times and being foolish! Please not at the expense of your life much more someone who wasn’t willing to commit, or showed any sign of interest whatsoever in you! The Bible made no mistake when we were instructed to love our neighbours AS ourselves not more than. You must never live for any man, you were made to live for Christ and tell others about the all He’s done.


Briggs Deborah