In one of my recent product management class, I realized there was something peculiar to product managers, they are the eyes of the business or organization in sight of the customers.

Product managers are the mouthpiece of the organization and also the mouthpiece of the customers.

Narrowing this down to marriage,

The business/organization is the marriage, while the product manager is the wife.

Every organization treats their product managers with much respect, irrespective of the fact that they expect them to deliver a lot too. Likewise, men are expected to treat their wives with much care and respect, because the success and peace of the home is much more dependent on their state of mind.

Everyone that surrounds the home (in-laws and family members) are the customers, while the marriage is the business. What you portray your home to be (displayed especially in the woman’s character) is a determinant of how people will relate with the product of your marriage.

These marriage products, are properly exhibited by the wives, who are product managers.  Hence there is an important need for the wives to be more deliberate in their actions, words and management of the home.

Both parties have an important role to play, the husband on the board of the business (marriage) and the wife as product manager of the business (marriage) there must be a synchronized force between both parties, in order to be able to

1. Produce the desired products
2. Achieve positive results
3. Sell the product effortlessly to other people.

Selling the products to other people, simply means getting people to love, respect and appreciate your marriage and the way you run your home, that they practically want to emulate you.

A successful marriage is not an individual’s job, it requires a combined force.



Special thanks to ProductDive the best product management Training Institute in Nigeria, for the lessons learnt. This is a confirmation that while learning certain things, you learn other things too. I also want to appreciate Mrs Tobi Otokiti for putting the class together. That’s where the idea stemmed from.