1. First things first. Our readers will love to know you.

Esther Omikunle is a software developer, lifestyle blogger and social innovator, a goal-oriented lady who is passionate about intentional and wholesome living. She is a global volunteer and a wholesome living advocate who is passionate about technology, developing human capacity, building sustainable brands/businesses and empowering people to live wholesome lives.

Esther Omikunle

A graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Leading Ladies Business Institute and WIMBIZ Mentoring Program, she uses different channels and platforms to influence lives some of these platforms are – her blog, The Esthitude Place (esthitudeplace.com), her social media pages, organizations where she volunteers and her lifestyle empowerment brand, Mivida Enterprise (mividaafrica.com).

2. What do you think about singleness? Do you love it, are you just waiting to get hooked, are you seeing it as an opportunity to explore and be happy? Just what do you think.

I see singleness as a season, not one to be hated but one to be cherished and wisely utilised. Many times, we want to rush out of singleness” and get married but I’ve come to realizethat when people rush into marriage without getting to understand their purpose, they tend to get discontented in their marriages. Getting “hooked” is really not an achievement, if anything it is getting into more responsibility and commitment.

So, singlehood is the opportunity to learn more about oneself, serve, explore, build meaningful relationships and be happy till the ‘one’ comes.

3. What will you do differently from your parents marriage?

One thing I’ll like to do differently is learn to be more patient with my kids.

4. How do you handle pressure from ‘well-meaning’ people who keep asking you when you will bring your spouse. Do you think there’s a ‘right’ age to get married?

Well, I think the general advise is not to marry too late; however, that in it self is relative. I really don’t know what age is perfect to be married, I believe you should get married only when you are emotionally, spiritually, financially matured enough.

Handling pressure from ‘well-meaning’ people is much easier these days, I basically smile and thank them, but if it gets too much, I can either answer them that when God wills or just block them.

5. In your own opinion, is love alone enough reason to marry someone?

Love is a necessary ingredient when thinking of getting married. However, as salt is not enough to make a nice meal, I think love alone is not enough. There must be friendship, mutual respect, understand, communication and all that.

6. Do you believe God still guides in this modern age as to who to get married to?

As someone who God has helped and led over the years, I believe that God still guides when thinking of whom to get married to. If God still guides me on what job offers to take, then He sure will have to guide me on who to marry.

7. We hear of tribal difference and the rifts that sometimes occur between parents and their children who want to marry from other tribes, what do you think?

Looking at our country and clime, issues arising due to intertribal marriages is still a thing. I believe parental consent is important when marrying, cos you’ll be marrying into that person’s family, so as much as you love that person, try to ensure that there is parental consent.

I don’t think inter-tribal marriages should be an issue, but it depends on the family. If you are a person of faith, you can always take such issues to God in prayer.

8. How do you deal with loneliness? When the waves of not having someone or talk to on an intimate level comes crashing on you, how do you deal?

Smiles, I’ve got to give a big shout out to my tribe. So, I have a circle of friends both single and married that I can literally talk to and pray with about issues. We play, pray, hangout and discuss issues together and this helps a lot. Also, having something to do as a job also keeps me occupied but when loneliness seems to hit home so much, I can either talk to a very close friend about it, soak myself in work, go out, hangout with a friend or talk to God about it.

9. How have you been able to handle sexual urge, particularly in this sex-filled age we find yourself in.

My dear, it truly isn’t easy, but my answer is similar to the previous question.

10. Do you think marriage all about give and take?

Marriage for me is about sharing, giving, taking, making compromises and basically putting in your all.

11. Does your partner have to be 100% perfect before marrying him/her?

Is there anyone who is 100% perfect? I am not sure. Even me, I’m still on a journey to perfection and that in God.

My partner does not have to be 100% perfect; however, there are values that I cannot compromise on, those have to be in place, then we can work on the others together.