We know  New Years come with resolutions made by individuals because they want to do better than the past year. They wrote some resolutions last year, they were able to do some, while they flunked at others. Now, there’s a need to review it. 

This post is not about making new year resolutions for your marriage, but being intentional to do something differently from what you did last year. You don’t expect to do something the same way you’ve been doing it and get a different result. It’s simply not possible. There just has to be something different. 

You might have had some issues in your marriage in the past year(s) that might have put a frown on your face. You weren’t so happy with how things turned out. The ‘solution’ applied yielded a result that you did not expect. See, there’s no need to cry over spilt milk. You have to forget about the past and look at the future, seeking ways to make it better. You just have to do things differently. 

So, what are some things you can do differently to enhance your marriage this new year. 

  1. Communication. This is the life blood of any relationship. As cliche as this may sound, it is the gospel truth you have to live with and work with. The communication lines have to be thrown open and you have to make it effective for the smooth running of your marriage. 
  2. Let God dwell in your home. This is actually the paramount. It is the foundation for any change you want to see in your home. You might have just had the theoretical knowledge of God’s presence. Make this year a year of practically cultivating the presence of God in your home. Per adventure you have no relationship with God, you can today through His Son, Jesus. With arms open wide, He will receive you to Himself. 
  3. Let love lead. Love covers a multitude of sin (hurt, wrongs). Prayerfully study 1 Corinthians 13 and ask for grace to live out those attributes with every member of the home, beginning with your spouse. Love is the bond that glues the home together. Allow it in your home, and see the whole world of difference it makes.

There are many other things you can do, but I’ll admonish you to start with this, while you seek out other ways that are peculiar to your own marriage. 

Jesus at the center makes the home godly and happy.

With Love,