Certain battles were won by retreating – Eoin Coffer.

If we seek solitary retreat, you will be more often refreshed – Lailah Gifty Akita.

Hey, this is a marriage and family life blog, Kemi, so what has retreat go to do with this. Dear friend, calm down. Retreating can mainly be attached to the military particularly when they are at war, and there’s a command for the soldiers to retreat, i.e, to pull back from fighting. Retreating is not a sought of fancy name for relaxing, no! It is mainly for restrategizing.

RETREAT: Your marriage/home needs that retreat. I know there are couple retreats organised by some groups, but that is not what I’m necessarily talking about. It’s good and once a while you can go for them if you can afford the cost. The retreating I’m talking about here is you and your spouse stopping and going back from the noise and the rat race you might have found yourself in. Life is busy, and to keep up with the demands , we get busy too and sometimes to the detriment of the things that matter- your family.

Life is busy, and to keep up with the demands , we get busy too and sometimes to the detriment of the things that matter- your family Click To Tweet

Your marriage has slipped to the as usual, and since you’re holding up pretty well, you see nothing wrong with being stuck in the rut of routine. Before you continue like this in the New Year, why not take advantage of the freshness of the year to retreat so you can restrategize and come out of the routine rut your marriage is in. Retreat so you can refuel.

REFUEL: Because you’re stuck in the rut of routine and you’re in the trap of the rat race, you were not able to notice that your tank was running on empty. You just kept wondering why some things were not moving smoothly in your marriage- constant nagging, emotions blown out of proportion, and all sort of stuff. You checked everything but one- your tank. It is already reading empty. Your love tank is almost drained because you’ve not had time to fill each other’s tank. “There are other ‘important’ things to be done,” you say to console yourself. What is more important than your family and seeking to feel up your spouse’s love tank. You’ve been driving the vehicle of your home on an empty tank and the engine is about to get knocked. When you retreat, you’ll see where the problem lies, and you take intentional steps to refuel because you’ve been able to see where the issue lies. When you refuel, you rekindle.

REKINDLE: The spark you once had in your marriage has fizzled out because the engine almost got knocked. There was not fuel to stoke the embers and keep the fire glowing. Now that you’ve successfully retreated and refueled your tank, the next best thing to do is to rekindle the fire that was once burning. That is the purpose of refueling. The spark was almost going out, but thankfully the flames are still there. Before those are smothered, rekindle. Don’t let your marriage lose its spark no matter the number of years you’ve spent with your spouse.

This new year, RETREAT. REFUEL. REKINDLE. Repeat the cycle so you don’t fall into the rut of routine.

Jesus at the center makes the home godly and happy.

With Love,