This is a question that has sparked debates amongst several people I have come in contact with. As our faces are different, so are our opinions and ideologies are different. If you can cast your mind back to our December for the singles where we brought some people on board to share their experiences with us, you’ll see that a question that was asked is if love is enough to sustain a marriage. You’ll see that they gave different views on whether or not love is considered to sustain the marital union. You can catch some here, here, and here.ย 

I also took a poll to catch other people’s opinions too just to have a wide understanding of what they really understand by what love is, and I got divergent views too. This post is not about the polls per se, but to share my own view on this knotty issue.

I’ve heard many people classify love as a feeling, hence, it’s not enough to sustain a marital relationship. Personally, I think this is where many people get it wrong. Love is more than a feeling. It is greater than feelings. Feelings are fickle that is why it is not sufficient to sustain a marital union. Love is not fickle, it is concrete, it is all-encompassing, so it is more than enough to sustain a marriage. Everything is subsumed in love. I’ll explain this.

The reason some people give as to why love is not enough is because there is need for understanding, tolerance, communication, patience, maturity, etc. There are many other reasons given but I’ve captured a few. While on the surface this may look so true and on point, if we look deeper, we will see that all these things are subsumed in love because where there is no love, there will be lack of tolerance, understanding or even communication. The above listed stuff must be the companion of feelings because when the butterfly in the stomach has disappeared, these thing will remain, all of which are subsumed in love.

Let’s take a stroll into 1 Corinthians 13 where the scriptures clearly spells out what love is, and how those attributes do not in any way look like what is not enough for a marital union, plus how it also makes us understand that love is the greatest. Love is patient, kind, not boastful or jealous, not rude, it doesn’t demand its own way, it is not irritable, it keeps no record of wrong, doesn’t rejoice about injustice, but rejoices whenever truth wins. It doesn’t give up, never loses faith, always hopeful, and it endures through every circumstances.

With these few point of mine, I hope I’ve been able to convince you and not to confuse you that love is just enough. With Christ at the center of your heart, and God’s love shed abroad in your heart, and living out 1 Corinthians 13, love is enough to sustain a marriage because all things are subsumed in love. That’ why the Bible says that even if you’re correcting, it must be with love because love is all round, it is the bedrock.

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Jesus at the center makes the home godly and happy.

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