The way I jumped for joy when I read this book ehn. You’ll think I’ve never read any book on marriage and I just discovered .

The Ideal Husband is a book written by Pastor W.F Kumuyi. It has a ‘twin sister,’ “The Ideal Wife.” It just has to be ideal. For certain reasons, I read this book with an open mind. It was much more than I bargained for.

More than the societal stereotypes of who a husband is, and what is expected of a husband, the book demystified some myths on who a husband should be. The first chapter of the book did a good job in giving the biblical portrait of an ideal husband. When you see a man who is first godly, a man of one woman, faithful to his spouse, and he is the economic provider of the home, amongst other traits, then you’ve seen a husband. You’ll read through all the deep and enlightening chapters of the book and you’ll land on a chapter that talks on how to make your marriage fun.

The fact that you’re a Christian doesn’t mean your marriage should lack the luster expected of your marriage. Christianity/spirituality is not coterminous to a boring marriage, please. There’s a place of striking a good balance. I hope the few tips I share with you will drive you to get yours.

1) Loosen up. Not every time strong and hard face. A beautiful smile does no harm to anybody. (my words). Be cheerful and happy. Don’t be uptight.

2) Schedule time for fun. All work and no play makes your marriage a dull one. Even father Issac was seen having sport with his wife at that age. He was a very busy man o, so what’s your excuse. (my lessons). Take your wife out on a date or to a special occasion where you give her some special treatment.

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3) Surprise her occasionally. There’s no rule that says surprises are for birthdays and anniversaries only. In fact, when she expects gifts on her birthday and anniversary alone, there’s no more element of surprise. Do something out of the blues on a day that has no special thing attached and give her that mind-blowing surprise. It’s not in how much you spend, but in your thoughtfulness.

4) Don’t be stingy with compliments. You can’t do that in heaven so shower her with as much as you can. If you don’t compliment her, who are you expecting to do it. Your brother? Definitely not.

5) Pray for and with her. If you think prayer is boring, then your marriage is headed for neck-deep boredom. In prayer, you know her deepest heart secrets and you can draw a surprise from it (winks).

This is not a book review per se. I just shared my gleanings and I want to encourage you to get a copy and read.

Jesus at the center makes your marriage godly and happy.

Much love,

Qualities of A Godly Husband