Some kids have memories, some don’t. Some kids had a proper childhood, others did not. Some kids had fun memories, some others couldn’t. Where do you belong? Wait, before you answer, this is not about you, but about what you want your kids to have. Now answer, what stories do you want your child(ren) to have? 

All fingers are not equal. Some are longer than the others, no doubt, but all fingers can do something, and unique at that. How does this even relate to the topic sef? It actually does. Not all parents can afford all the exotics that might bring about mind-blowing, “bank breaking” memories, but all parents can do something that their kids will remember, and special at that. 

In the words of Bryan Davis, “Making memories with our kids simply involves setting aside time and spending quality time together. It doesn’t have to be expensive or involve lots of planning.” Can you see this? No matter your finger length, you can do something. 

Ok, so what are these things you can do. They are many, but I’ll give you just four. Just four to hit the ground running. Ready? 

Family Outing: Don’t let your mind skip a bit because I mentioned outing. Is outing not going out of the house? That’s on a lighter note though. But as little as taking a stroll together as a family chatting and recollecting some funny and weird experiences, and buying suya on your way back to the house is good memory. Don’t you think? If you can afford the ‘outing’ like you know it, not bad too.

Family Prayers: See, I don’t know how you want to see it, but all of you together; husband, wife and child(ren) all on your knees and talking to their Father with one voice holds that family together. Imagine you now have a little kid who’s still learning how to talk and makes some funny requests, and y’all are thrown to a fit of laughter. I doubt you’ll forget that memory so easily. 

Family Cooking. Rather than allowing one person sweating it out in the kitchen, why can’t all of you just join in to add a bit of flavour to the chore. Don’t worry, you many cooks wont spoil this broth, and if it does, all of you will eat it together. Make sure you get your children involved in the cooking. It’s about them after all.

Family Reading: It’s as simple as A, B, C, turn your house to a library. Blessed are the kids whose parents are readers for they shall inherit books. They will not only inherit books, they will have fun reading fun books. When you are done with a book, share the lessons you learnt from it. Give your children age appropriate books. It not only brings fun, it adds to their knowledge. That’s a plus for you. 

Jesus at the center makes the home godly and happy. 

Much love,