It is when you’re forming to busy to tend your garden that weeds will grow and overshadow the tender plants you’ve cultivated— Kemi Esho.

There are many women, scratch that. There are many wives who are married but lonely because they are married to men, sorry, husbands who are married to their jobs. Wait, before you come for my head as a man asking if you’re not to work, I haven’t said so o. Just keep reading. 

When you were taking your marriage vows, you were asked if you’ll take your lawfully wedded wife (insert her name), not your lawfully wedded job. So, while you’re expected to work, there’s much expectation on you to create time for your wife. Don’t say you don’t have time. You do. The time you created while you were trying to woo her, where did that time go to. More important things, abi? Wait, what is more important than her? Just tell me, what? 


Let me use the words of Pastor Kumuyi in his book, The Ideal Husband. “Though you have a picture frame of her on your table, the demands of your job makes you forget it’s even there. Instead of spending quality time with her, you’re caught up in the rat race. 

God help you let your wife’s love language be quality time and you’re always forming busy. It won’t be too long before your eyes will be opened to the damage you’re doing to your marriage. You leave her vulnerable and susceptible to temptation. 

Balance your work life and your family life. Create time for your family. They are your first priority after God. 

Jesus at the center makes the home godly and happy. 

Much love,