This is sequel to my last post. You should read that, especially as a man. I have it (here) for you. Hey woman, yeah I’m a woman, wait, girl, no lady. Whatever, this post is for us. Yes, it’s our turn today. Dear young man, before you turn away, you can read it on your wife’s or wife-to-be’s behalf. 

Are we ready? Sir, yes, sir. Ok, let’s go. 

Dear woman, I know work is a beautiful thing. We need to be empowered and financially stable so we can bring meaningful contributions to the  family purse. I give us a kudos. I know we have careers to pursue, and with all zest and determination we must get to the highest rung. The sky is just the starting point. I know. But should it be at the expense of our husbands? 

No! Not at all. 

Many a women have pursued their career and neglected their husbands and children, and they have the tag “career women with estranged husbands.” This is S-A-D. Fact is not only women love affection and attention. Husbands want it and they yearn for a woman who has their time and is ready to share that time with them. They don’t need women who are married to their jobs except they are themselves, but two wrongs don’t make a right. 

Truth is there are many women outside waiting to ‘accommodate’ your husband and feed him with the love and attention you’re starving him of. They want to show you that since you’re married to your job, they can do better in giving him the quality time he deserves. I’m sure you don’t want this. 

I don’t want to say so much but I’ll give us the same message I gave to the men. Strike a balance. Balance your work life and your family life. Create time for your family. They are your first priority after God. 

Jesus at the center makes the home godly and happy. 

Much love,