I’m not so much of a game person. I don’t even have games on any of my gadgets, but I used to have. One of the games I had, and I enjoyed playing was subway surf. I’m sure many of you should be familiar with the game, but for the benefits of those who might not know the game, I’ll paint a picture of the game.

There’s a small boy who is being pursued by a police man and his dog. He is to run through subways, in between moving vehicles and obstacles. While running, if he hits his leg against any of the obstacles or vehicles, the policeman catches him and takes him away, and if he jumps over, he gains some coins. There’s a special box on the way, if he runs and gets the box, he receives acceleration in his race, and rather than run with his strength, he glides on a skateboard.

I think I’ve done justice to painting the game. So, how is marriage like this game?

The newly wed couple is just like that surfer (the boy). The wedding is the beginning of the marriage ‘game’. That policeman is the enemy who doesn’t want the good of your marriage so he is on your heels waiting for you to hit your feet on an obstacle so that your marriage can hit the rocks. He will stop at nothing to ensure that the challenges that come your way will wreck havoc. He might go into hiding, the way the policeman does sometimes and he will reappear when it seems you’re in your weakest, and unable to scale through an obstacle and he always does that with a distracting noise.

No matter how had the enemy may try to launch at you, just like that boy, keep your gaze focused on the race you’re running and don’t at anytime look back to see if the enemy is there or not because it might be at the point of your looking back you hit an obstacle, and he catches up on you. There’s no marriage that is not fraught with challenges, but we are not on our own once your foundation is Christ.
Do you remember the special box I talked about that gives him the ability to glide and get more coins, that box can be likened to prayer. One thing I forgot to mention is that when he his on that skateboard, the policeman cannot get to him because he is at a speed faster than that of the policeman.

The same goes for marriage. Because the arm of flesh will fail you and you cannot run the race on your strength alone except you want to wear out, you need what will carry you through the challenges and the storms of life. What you need is prayer. It carries you out of the reach of the enemy, and for as long as you wield the weapon of prayer in your marriage, you’re out of the enemy’s reach.

The enemy is fighting tooth and nail against Christian homes, you have to be vigilant and prayerful that the enemy doesn't take over your home Click To Tweet

The enemy is fighting tooth and nail against Christian homes, you have to be vigilant and prayerful that the enemy doesn’t take over your home.

Jesus at the center makes the home godly and happy.

Much love,