On a beautiful Friday morning, my mum asked me to help her arrange her collection of the Christian Women Mirror year by year. I saw some that dated as far back as 1996, I wasn’t even born at that time. You can imagine.

Anyway, that’s not the essence of this post. While I was doing the arrangement, I stumbled on the October 2000 edition of the magazine which had the cover page titled “Winning With In-laws.” You should know by now that stuff like that will not come my way without me not wanting to devour its content. One of the articles in the issue was titled, “I Dared To Call Them Mine.”

We all know except we want to feign ignorance that this in-law matter is a serious matter. At least from what has been painted to us by the media. That is what has been painted, but that is not all there is to it. We hear only the bad narratives, but our ears are not intuned to listen to the good ones.

The in-law ‘poison’ has been so injected in many minds that it has caused fear to take root in the hearts of people, and next to fear is bitterness against the in-laws you do not even know yet (if you’re yet to be engaged). This has led to some really cruel ‘prayers’ for the death of mother-in-laws (I don’t know why), you hear things like if my sister/brother-in-law gives me 1, I’ll give him/her 10, and all sort that point to rivalry and rancour.

Should this be? A big NO!


One thing I personally believe is that in-law relationships should be one of acceptance, and a fusion into the family you’re getting married into. Just like the title of the article I made mention of suggests, if you dare to call your in-law yours, there’ll be less issues.

If you accept them the way you accept your parents amd siblings, you’ll enjoy your relationship. If you see them as friends, you’re preparing for yourself a playground, but if you begin to see them as enemies, you already have for yourself a battleground.

If you see them as friends, you're preparing for yourself a playground, but if you begin to see them as enemies, you already have for yourself a battleground. Click To Tweet

Being the best of in-laws begins with you. You can’t change anybody. The people you’re going to meet are most likely adults who have their minds fixed already. The only person you can change is YOU. Focus on that and let one of your goals be to foster a harmonious relationship with your in-laws.

Hope you learnt one or two things. I’ll also want to learn from you and we can achieve that in the comment section.

Jesus at the center makes the home godly and happy.

Much Love,

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