Last month’s book was The Ideal Husband. You can catch up on that here if you haven’t. This week is the wife of last month. Sorry I had to separate them. The months put them asunder, but now you have it!

Won’t it be sweet if you read the husband again so it can go hand in hand with the wife.

Y’all know the author already so there’s no need for any special mention. Let’s go straight into the book.

One thing about me is that I love balance. If theres’ an issue to be addressed and it affects two parties, it’s ideal both partners are appropriately addressed. One of such issue is marriage. This institution has to do with two parties, and if only one party is addressed- either the husband alone or wife alone, it will do no good to the institution of marriage, and that’s why I’m particularly glad the author of these books did justice in addressing the two key players of the marital institution.

The book, “The Ideal Wife,” has just 6 chapters of 108 pages. Not too much for a day-long read, right?

The book is filled with Biblical and practical wisdom for wives who want to enjoy their home and their husband. The fourth chapter of the book focuses on understanding and winning your husband. Wives are to understand why their husbands act the way they do, they are to understand his need for respect and submission, they are to understand why he craves for acceptance and appreciation, and they are also to understand why he desires physical intimacy and why he loves his work, if she wants to win him.

Reading further, the book details forty things the husband expects from his wife. I’ll be sharing a bit of them, and I’ll leave you to find out the rest for yourself when you buy the book.

Your man expects you to show understanding in difficult situations or any situation at all. He needs you to love him more than his own family and relatives. Your Christian man wants you to stand by him and support his ministry or call. Your man will not appreciate you nagging or being confrontational. Your man is going to love some occasional surprises, not just on anniversaries alone. Your man will not appreciate you refusing physical intimacy. I’ll conclude with this. Your man is not averse to you having a healthy sense of humour.

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I must confess, what I gave you in this post is just like crumbs from bread. I want you to buy the bread yourself.
Jesus at the center makes the home godly and happy.

Much love,

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